Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hello and we are celebrating.  We got 1/8th of an inch of rain.  Now I know that isn't much but they gave us a chance of sprinkles.  So to us that is a deluge.  Come on rain we can never have to much, well unless it is the great flood like Noah is associated with.   Our little playa lakes are low low and the Canadian geese that come to visit  for the winter are not happy.  

We thought of doing a Rain Dance  but just going to deep water the trees.   Now we found this little ring that attaches to the water hose and waters like 12 inches deep to the trees.  The underground water system just does not water deep so we think SAVE THE TREES.   Now Bermuda grass just keeps ticking like a Timex watch.  Just can't kill it even it the grass is brown it is just waiting to spring alive.  We are fortunate to have a water well but still would water the trees deep even if we didn't.  In West Texas Trees are far and few between and what we plant is what we have.   

I thought in celebration I would go ahead and post Sparkle.  A sweet little faerie I drew and painted a while back.  I did make a ciggie out of her and thought of doing softer colors but these colors just screamed at me. I have a little 9 drawer cabinet we bought at Hobby Lobby and painted it RED of course.  It proudly holds my colors for CQ and my threads.   So I pull out each color and see who yells at me.

Meet Sparkle,  I had to give her a head band with sparkles in it.  The upper right is a fabulous button that I was told about on FB and the lower button is a depression glass I think copy.  Not sure haven't tried to break it to see if plastic or glass.   The rest just kind of grew to where it wants to be.  I never plan a thing with these little gals and I just start and see where things want to go.   Guess that is called creating.   This is for CQJP 2014.   Just a self motivated  project.  I put these in a book and one did find it's way to the Princess Giget in Hawaii.  Now the reddish color is more magenta, sometimes it and purple photograph different.  LOL I am to lazy to set up lights to take it's pic so you get the picture I bet.  
Sparkle is one of my Essence faeries, I took her essence from a dear friends granddaughter.   But added bangs and the hair color is definitely not hers.  Just wanted a little look of her granddaughter.  
I have 4 more blocks ready to embellish.  Baseball season is fixin to start and I have to be ready to have some busy work to do while we watch them.   You know there is down time with Baseball. 
Thanks for looking and coming to my world of Crazy Quilt to see what is going on today.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Mermaid has a Home

I just wanted to update you on the sweet mermaid I Crazy Quilted.  She has a home.  Our granddaughter who now lives in Hawaii, having the time of her life I might add, wanted her.  So being a Nana I cut a matt and painted it and off she went to go play in the sun and surf.

I do have to add granddaughter is a strong and free spirited young lady, just celebrated her 22nd birthday I might add.  I think Hawaii is the place for her.  She does love it there and is basically there all by herself.  I am not sure if I would have been brave enough to do that at then 21.   She sold her car and off she went.   Go Allex or as we call her Princess Giget Allex.  She has learned how to Tandem surf and this in my book is pretty good being as she was raised in a land locked part of the world. 

Here is the block originally, I just thought it would be easier to see it here than going back to the last post.
Here it is in it's new home with Allex peeping around the frame.  She would probably say NANA!!!! It was early morning and she is here with some friendship bread (muffins for ease in eating) I made and mailed to here.  Man they weigh a ton but she and her brother love them.  Always make enough so she can share with her co-workers.  Still love the pic of her.

I had to share one of the tandem pics of her and Auggie. 
There you go what has been going on in my world lately.  I do have an April block done so will share soon.  I realized I was behind on my blogging.  Seems like what ever "stuff" we had for 6 weeks came back to visit again.  Coughing and all.   I guess it was good stuff   lol
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Whimsy Mermaid--Done and Done

Hello and Happy March.   Come on Winter it is time to be over and our March winds are blowing you away.   We will share our strong March winds with you all.   Well hope so anyway.   How does that sound today?

I have been wanting to do a beach/Mermaid CQ block or something..   There are some out there in Blog Land that are breath taking with the beads and everything that goes with them. 

As you know I have been on a faerie tear lately and have done one more but thought OK Annette do a Mermaid.  So being semi lazy this last week I peeked into my art journals and tada there were a little school of them on a couple of pages.   I guess mermaids are in schools they are part fish.   Anyway I photographed part of the page and loaded it onto my computer to resize it and print if off on fabric.   She is very whimsy so I thought the CQ should be also.

Sweet readers here she is.   Mermaid #1.  ( may have to do some more of these cuties)  Best part about it is Grand daughter wants it.  Of course I started with the fabric and thought Annette do soft colors and do dads now.  As you can see that didn't work, the softer background colors yes but that is where it stopped.  I used food colored dyed cooking gauze for the orangish sea debris.  I then wanted the starfish I got at Tisha's Threadworks  810-678-8191.   A great place for anything we could ever want, just call her and you will love doing business with her.  Anyway the starfish, I didn't know how to cover it with thread so I got out my trusty glue and beads and blinged it up Texas style.  I then just kept adding and doing until it weighed 100 pounds and knew it was enough for today.   I did add some stitching to her hair and fins also.  The little fish at the center I got that bead in Sedona and had to add little bubbles for him also. 

I made a funky matt for Grand daughter and will get a 12x12 frame and mail off Tuesday to Hawaii.  I bet this little mermaid will be excited to be over there and be cute.

The new faerie I just painted, she certainly had a mind of her own.   I wanted it to be light and airy ( the right side is lighter than it shows), but noooooooooooooo  she had a mind of her own.  So I let her mellow or whatever they do when I put them at the bottom of the pile.   Wound up doing her like this, I think she is happy right now because she is with the other faeries have drawn.   She will also be available soon on my Etsy shop.

There you go now you know what is going on in my world today.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy CQing to you all.