Sunday, November 24, 2013


My CPF's are on the rampage again.   AKA Creative Pieces of Fabric.   Scraps if you will.  Sometimes I wonder how small does the scrap of fabric need to be before it is trash?  Trash?  Oh I say that softly too.    

Now Hubby always puts anything I might use for the sake of art on the cabinet by the trash drawer in the house.   I love it, he knows I reuse-repurpose-recycle or make do is they word I use to use.  It is not an in word so recycle is the word today.    I even found a nut in a little box I had.   It was hexagon shape and red.  I said what is this?  It is a nut to the International tractor we owned years and years ago.   Yes we had the "GREEN" ones also but the color of International tractors was red.  So I put it on a shelf and remembered I had taken a quick photo of Hubby and his Dad by the tractor and I thought I can put them together in a  treasure box.  I am so glad I keep little things like that.   when I get it put together I will share it with you, probably it was in like 1962 is era.  

Here are 6 of the CPF bookmarks.   One of them chose to be a little smaller than the others but they are hand made.     I didn't use any of my faeries with these little treasures.   I had then in the ciggie drawer and just had to let them shine. 
Close up of my eyeglass case and of course had to use one of my faeries.   She was so cheerful and had to use the butterfly.  The crochet flower is from Little Snippts (Geraldine) and the pretty button from Flights of Fancy.  Love those buttons.
Here is the eyeglass case just hot off the press, I may even keep her she is so happy looking.  Funny how we don't keep very much of our own work.   I say this because I use to China Paint and bet I don't have 10 pieces of it.   My sister in law?  She has tons of it that I painted and she enjoys it.   So that makes it all worth it to share. 

There you go this is what is happening in my world right now.  Well more but I don't want to bore you to death. 
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

New Faeries for Card and Ciggies

Sometimes you just hunt and hunt for a word and then think well maybe this will work. 

                                                   Essence Faeries. 

 To me that means something that kinda sorta looks like someone.  That has the air of the person but not smack dab  them.   So this is why I have named this series of Faeries -------Essence Faeries.  

I started with a photo of each girl and didn't want it exactly like them but has the air of their personality, their look, their essence if you will.     I wanted it to be arty and not a portrait, that is what photographs are for.   I want to be taking an artist's license with them.  Being as I did photography for over 24 years, I wanted to stray from photos and go back to what I did before photography.   Art in the style of messy hands, paint all over your clothing.  You know the messy kind.  If you forget and wipe your hair out of your eyes and then have paint or pastels all over you or even some glitter on your face.  

Maybe just going back to kindergarten and finger painting and just express yourself with color and design.  Of course when you were that young we just did what we felt natural and didn't worry about the rules or anything else.  We just did it. 

 Now I know I do some life like portraits but then how many of you have really and truly seen a real life Faerie?   I only have in my mind or my muse working overtime and in books.   In some enchanted forest or even in our yard with flowers and toad stools maybe, but so tiny we can't see them. 

So here ya go my Essence Faeries.    I do measure and measure and want some facial features that make them - them , something that says who they are pop out.  

Please excuse the watermarks, seems like we have some image bandits out there in the cyber world.  Now if you are like me, I just don't care for someone else to sell my work and get the dollars .   I am narrow minded that way.  

Now this little sweetie just wanted to be older than she is---so I let her be what she wanted to be.   She is a twin and I figure she is very strong willed and just wanted to show her here. 
Oh it was hard to do this Faerie, I have known her since she was maybe four years old and watched her grow up to be a fine young woman. 

Same young lady but totally different feel and pose and just air about her.  She is very talented and somehow I just wanted to show that maybe with her headpiece and the little bird bringing love to her.  

The softness and gentleness of this faerie, I feel like I captured her totally.   She has always been a kind and sweet little girl.  
There you go my Essence Faeries.   They will go to their new homes soon, become Note cards and ciggies alsowill be printed.   I have four more for this series coming.   Just starting on them this week, well the first one anyway.  Photos coming of the new faeries. 
I have just copied this from my other blog, lazy fingers today.   : ) 
I am thinking very very serious to doing Essence Faeries for other Mothers wanting these of their daughters.   Of course a fee would be charged.
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It is November!

It is here-----NOVEMBER------.  The year is getting close to ending,  really !!!! I am not pulling your leg or anything.   We have one more month the enjoy the Fall colors or oranges, yellows and golds.  Oh and how could I forget RED?  I mean that is one powerful color isn't it?   

Now I am not saying that RED is my favorite, but our automobile is red and we have had a Red one for years.   One time we had traded cars and only person who realized it was our Granddaughter.  We had a bench back seat and then the new one had captains chairs.  There she was maybe 9 and she is the only one who knew our steel stallion was new. 

I could say we have a LOT of Red in our house and would not be stretching it at all.  Several large rugs, some walls and assorted things.   So maybe Red is my favorite color, but really how can you choose one color?  They all have their charm and are just  everyone so pretty.   I know that is a strange thing to get to chatting about but it just popped in here and said I want to be talked about.  

Kathy Shaw gives wonderful tutorials,  here  is where you can find them.  She does beautiful needlework besides tutorials.    Now I was blog prowling and found one on her site for trees.  I thought TA DAAAAA, what better for Fall on my block of the month than a tree?    A Fall tree with beautiful orange  leaves gently falling to the ground and giving a special look.    I also get to use the Fall colors that I love to see.

Here you go, my Fall block.   The leaves were some plastic ones I had but they just didn't show up well.  Sooooooo I put gesso on the backside of them and of course so faerie glitter on the front.  After all one of my faeries is the center of attention on this block.   The silk ribbon work, buttons and lots of beads and sequins.  Right up a Texan's alley ----bling.   It is hard for me to stop on these sometimes but it is just so much fun.  To combine my paintings, printed on fabric and the new needlework I have learned last year.  
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