Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Angel on Taco Tuesday

Now not everyone gets to celebrate Taco Tuesday at Rosa's here.  I think a chain of the restaurant. OK Mexican food, forgot to order a margarita with it but a decent price. We usually treat ourselves with this little meal after we mow and edge our yard.  We have an acre so we think we deserve it.  Right?  Gotta treat ourselves every once in a while.   Well maybe all the time at this late date in our lives.  What not?

On the way home, the back way we go thru this neighborhood and what was there?  A garage sale, now most of them are on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Usually one and a half days of any two of the days.    Eldon said do you want to stop and thought why not.  So he turned around and  back we went.  It turns out the couple had sort of just moved there from a neighboring town we use to live in back in the late 60's.   Turned out, we bought nothing they were just setting up but were selling to those who stopped.   The ladies mother use to work at Cloth World there in Odessa, now the odds are that I had visited with her because I use to make all three of our daughters clothing and mine back in those days.  So as much as I went to Cloth world we had to have crossed paths.   The garage sale lady said her Mom had passed away a few weeks ago at I think 92 and she had lots of her lace left over for when she worked at Cloth World.  She said come into the bedroom and I will show you. Well show me she did have  Tons of it, she said do you have a use for it?   Do I ever I replied and grinning all the while.  I asked are you putting this in the sale, she didn't know but she said pick out six of the spools and you may have them.  I had a discussion about paying for them and she would have no part of that.  So I took the lace and of course going to make her a Fabric book with my faeries and doings. 

The sweet lady was indeed my Angel for the day.  I am so lucky to have Angels visit me always and just goes to show they are around all the time.

Now what do you think?  I tried not to be a pig and made sure to leave what I thought the best laces for her incase she ever got the urge to use them.  
There you go my angel meeting and her sharing with me.   I am blessed I do believe.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's THURSDAY !!!!!!!!

Hi my dears, I want to thank y'all for taking the time to  comment here on the contest!  Now sometimes my contests are different and of course this one is also.  

The winner of the 4 ciggies is------     rrjane,  


rrjane will receive the 4 ciggies she choses one set in poplin and the other set in silk and each and every one of you who entered will receive one of poplin and on silk.   Now what is the difference you may ask. The poplin the colors are brighter and the silk they are softer.   So when y'all get them please let me know which is your fav.  Fair enough?

Now Lesley UK and Geraldine I have y'alls addresses, but not ciggie choice but the others nope sorry no addresses.  So please write a comment on here with your address and your choice of ciggie.  They will not be published they will come in my inbox and no one will see them.   As soon as I see them I will delete your comment, of course after I write your choice and address down.

So there you go y'all are all winners to me. 

Hugs and hope this made your day.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Annette's Fairies

If any of you are wondering what you can do with Annette's Fairy prints she is giving away, I'll share a little something I did with one. It inspired me to gather my bright fabrics and play. I made this clutch for Annette.

Normally as you may know I don't work with a lot of bright colors. It isn't because I don't like them. Its because I gravitate toward either purple and green or muted dusties. Thats just how I roll. However I had such fun putting this together for Annette. So, leave a note on the previous post and cross your fingers to win her offering of 4 images! Run!
Have a great day.

To Be or Not to Be ?

I think y'all know I have been on a faerie spree here and doing ciggies out of the cuties.  They are to much fun to draw, paint and then even to CQ with.  Now these little gals are having a great time in my art room and we even had some different mushrooms come up in the yard.  Hummm I wonder if they had something to do with that?  Well actually we got some much needed rain and we had put new mulch in the flowerbeds and figure the little spores of the mushrooms came from there.   BUT this is just a guess. 

I have finished this one cutie and wondered what yall thought of a ciggie for her?   I was thinking of cropping it down some but not sure how busy a ciggie should be.  I have been doing CQing for a year now and still a baby in the ciggie world so to speak.  So here she is:  I called it the Fantasy Garden.  I have not seen flowers like these little things ever in our yard. Couse we do have semi sort of desert here and just certain flowers thrive with the dry and the heat.  Bougainvillea are the stars here in our yard.

Here she is, peeking around an unknown flower.

Now I know I am one of several authors of this CQ blog----BUT ----- there have been many views and I think around her for a year, so I am going to give 4 ciggies of the faeries away.  4 to one person, I guess I should have put it that way.  Anyway leave your name with a comment here and make sure I can have a way of contacting you and will have the drawing -the 25th of July.   How about that?  You may go HERE and go to Notecards  to pick which 4 you would like.  

There you go just a quick post and a peek and a little contest.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  


Friday, July 5, 2013

A Long Trip Home

This post has nothing what so ever to do with CQ but I just wanted to share it with you for something warm for your heart.  Now CQ police just blow your whistle away at me because I am not taking it off .  : )

You know sometimes we might complain because we have to walk a ways to a certain place.  You know we do.  But after you read this heart warming story and a tear will come in your eye you will never complain again.

I have known sweet Sara since she was like 4 or 5 years old. Way back there, we photographed her wedding, probably one of the last ones we photographed but she is a special young lady.    I had lost contact with her but yea for Facebook----found her. 

This article was in the Abilene Texas paper and she posted it on FB.  I cannot say enough about it so please take the time to read and see what you think.  Your heart will swell with love and you will indeed have tears in your eyes.  I made the pics large enough so you could read the article well. 

Sara with her two 1/2 children and one brave  Sukoshi.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.
Hugs to you all