Saturday, February 14, 2015

Giving New Life to a CD and Link to Kathy's classes

Hello and you know there is always something we can do with old things or things we just don't use anymore.   Now use to in the OLDEN days it was "making do" but NOWDAYS it is "recycling"  so whatever we will call this wonderful project here it is.

CD's, now I know we all have some of them laying around just being flat as a flitter, saying ok what is my next job?  I have held music, photos and what have you for a long time.  So what is next?

This is what I did with two of mine.  Now this is not my idea, wish I would have thought of it but can follow directions fairly well.   

They say, whoever they is, pictures tell a story so here was my story about my pin cushion.   I stuffed it with something.  Now the reason I say that is I went into the closet and there was a white trash bag full of fluffiness.   I guess I had "gutted" some pillows to use the fabric for CQing but there was all the fluffiness and so I now have a big bag full so will have to make more pin cushions. Eazy peazy and fun to do.  Only thing this being my first one I got the pretties a little to close to the edge so a lesson learned.
So you may be asking how? How? HOW?   Well my dears here is the link, wonderful instructions and a sweetheart of a lady to share with we " how did they do that  ladies".     Thank you Ivory Blush Roses. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my CQ world.  I hope you try this fun project.   I will never look at a CD the same way as I use to.   Hummmm a project waiting to happen.  
Here is the link to Kathy's FREE classes just incase you want to have fun and learn something new, she can teach we old dogs new tricks.  Bow Wow

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just stuff !!

OK y'all it is February already, before we know it is over being a short month .  Now it is funny to me how being two or sometimes one day short of 30 days makes things go by quicker.   Guess a lot of it is in our minds.   Oh I could really go there couldn't I ? I won't go there this time !!!!! Maybe. 

It is the end of winter sort of, where it is in the 30's and 40's one day and then for a few days like today I think suppose to be 80.   Yep you read that correct.   Just like a yo-yo around here BUT  soon it will stay warmer and the wind will clear it's throat and the WEST TEXAS RAIN will flow.   Well that is what I call our sand storms, might as well have fun with it.  It is a gonna happen.   Promise.

We did spray, well I sprayed and hubby trimmed in the front ,the other day.  Yes, gasp and double gasp, we use chemicals on our yard.  There is some nasty, water drinking, ground covering clover , looking stuff that spreads I kid you not like wildfire.   We have been fighting it for over 5 years now and have made some progress.   Well the weed lets us think so anyway.   I sprayed it and hubby had some dye in it so I could see what and where I was going.  The dye was blue, a pretty shade of blue I might add.  The time I finished my fingers were nice and blue also and what did we do?  Went out for lunch to eat, now I did giggle ---what if I needed to go to the emergency room or something like that and there was my blue fingers and finger nails,  Oh what a puzzlement that would be.   What is wrong with this poor lady they would ask?   Ok I am thinking weird today, forgive me.  

Now I have been taking Life Book again an online thingie that some years I don't do much on it and some years I go wild.  Well so far this year has had some fun projects on there.   Just a carefree playing for me, no stress just paint and cut I guess like a first grader.   I think we have like 25 or so teachers and they share their skills and just urge us on to do some of it.   Well here is some of mine that I have done so far.  No not my usual artsy stuff but fun and just getting the fingers messy and other colors to go with my dyed blue fingers and nails.

Here are some I have done in the class.  Now I try to do, sort of, kind of , like the teacher tells us so I can feel and see what she is sharing with us.   Then I go off and do my thing, but to me if they take the time to do these videos why not try to capture their take?  their lesson?  what they want to share with us?   Just my thinking though.  

Tammy taught this little class and was really totally different than anything I have done.  I guess you noticed that though didn't you? 

                                              Another Tammy lesson The Beacon of Light.. Now I love taking off of Tammy she is such a good and no pretentious person  and I always giggle with her at some of the things she says.  I can relate so well with her.

A lettering class of sorts taught by Joanne Sharpe.   I didn't have the supplies she asked for but just used what I had.  I do that a lot, using my on hand supplies.  Why not they will just dry up if you don't use them.  Right?  

 Patti Ballard taught this little class, my face did emerge as one of my sort of faces but was fun.   Loved the nothing of the hands and feet.  Patti's little faces were cute and may do another like hers.  This is so unlike me to do my own thing on their instructions.  Guess I felt rebellious that day?   

Then the Dream Catcher.  Rachael Rice taught this one and I did admit I strayed some but on the whole did what she said.  Sorta.    It was fun to do and might make some more of them.  Just because.
Ok back to my CQing.   Thought to myself,  Annette if you are going to do CQing you need to hone up on some embroidery.   I mean just spelling it is an accomplishment beside doing it.   So Kathy Shaw, the ramrod of the CQJP 2015, was giving a free----yes  a FREE class so I took it.

This was my finished piece, well before the finishing pretties were put on it.  

The finished piece, I don't know if I was suppose to put that many beads on it but you know me and bling----- it probably weighs a hundred pounds now so I think it is finished.  
There you, that is what is going on in my world at the moment.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The RED Shoes and CQ Blocks

Hello dear ones, well what have I been doing besides watching the snow fall?  Well I do wish we would have gotten more of the fluffy white stuff.  This last week got 2-3 inches but you know I guess we should be thankful for the moisture and not press our luck on wanting more snow.   What is the saying be careful what you wish for  ?   I have to say this softly just incase Mother Nature listens and say ok young lady I am fixin to give you more snow.  Wonder if she talks with a West Texas accent?   Hummmmmm something to wonder about.

Now my friend Betty from Australia sent me the cutest pics of her granddaughter Ava and her new red shoes and how she didn't want to take them off. So typical of sweet little girls and reminded me of a some red shoe and boot stories. 

One of our daughters had some red, plastic, leather looking boots when she was maybe 4ish.   Would not take them off and in the summer smelt to high heaven but she loved the boots.  Must be something about the RED?   She would push her doll's baby buggy around and all over the block, up and down the sidewalk with the red boots on.   Then we got beautiful granddaughter, we bought her some red sparkling Mary Jane shoes.   She stepped in a fish pond at a restaurant with them on, no problem just soggy shoes and then she out grew them and still wanted to were them.  So we got her a pair of red shoes #2.  There we go RED again.

   Now when I was doing  professional photography a grandmother came to her appointment with granddaughter.  The granddaughter was in tears. What a way to start a photography session.  I knelt down and said what is the matter little sweetie?  What could be wrong with you to bring tears.  You are at Miss Annette's, you get a sucker and a floating balloon and you have the magical RED shoes on?  She sniffled and thru sobs said her grandmother wanted her to take off the RED shoes that they didn't go with her white and pink dress.   Well I said they are magical shoes lets go in the studio and see what happens. The grandmother was not happy and I said it will be ok.     Lo and behold when the pictures came back the RED shoes were gone.  Now this was before Digital photography, you know the old fashioned film days when you really had to be creative.  Yes it could be done with film.  Shocking isn't it?

I  wish I could find the pics but it was an all white background, lots of lace curtains, a white little wicker rocking chair and pretty white and girlie pretties all around.  Well Miss Annette used white tulle to make the floor soft and fluffy and we just adjusted the tulle to look like white clouds and hid the RED shoes.  Yep made everyone happy especially the litte RED shoe sweetie and no tears or anything.

I know what a combination---Red shoes and Day of the Dead.  Does anything really have to be a perfect combination these days?   Nope don't think so.

I have been I guess on a kick of the Day of the Dead, party Heaven I guess. Sorry about the pun.    I joined a group   Crazy Quilt International and our little group of 5 is doing a 12 inch, yikes that is big, block of Day of the Dead.  Four of the ladies will work on the block and I will work on theirs and we all will have a finished block.  

Here is my block, I think I have enough color in it and I can see it all now this naked block transformed in to a block with lots of beads and flowers and creativity.   To me the naked blocks do not sing but will keep you posted on the transforming of this block.
I did do another block of the D o D for  the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2015 .  I thought I am going to do all 12 of the blocks with this theme.  So here is February's block .
TAAA DAAAA February's block.  Did you notice I like color?   You can hear the parting and all the love here.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Or as Grandson says down my bunny trails all over the place.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Crop and Cq for Kathy Shaw's CQJP 2015

Hello  and I know you are thinking--- A Crop?  What is Annette growing?    It is cold and most of the time freezing and the ground is hard.  Well for years we grew cotton, peanuts, milo and even Cabbage.  Yes Cabbage one day will share pics of that adventure.  It was an adventure for sure.   The peanuts were so pretty to grow the pretty lush leaves, their blooms then turn then upside down and there were the peanuts.  Funny story, one time when our daughter was teaching she wanted me to send a peanut plant so she could show the students how they grew.  Well I pulled up a plant and it was loaded with peanuts and shipped it with dirt around them and all.  Of course in the shipping the leaves wilted to ugly but when she opened the box the janitor said who would ship a package like that to you?   My Mother she answered.   Peanuts in the natural state.  I hope the kids got to see and just check them out, I know some probably thought peanuts grew on a tree. 

Now in the meanderings of Face Book I saw where someone had gotten the bottom part of Romaine Lettuce, the bottom ugly part of it that you cut off and trash.  Well they showed where they put it in water and lo and behold  more grew.  So I thought I am going to try that.   I did and it grew almost instantly.  No kidding,  you can almost see it growing. 

You can see the ugly bottom part, the trash I guess if you will and it has a tiny bit of water in it.   I just guessed at that part, the amount of water to put in it.   Almost the next day there was a tiny little bud popping out, pale yellow in color but I thought wow that stuff is fast.  It was looking pretty pale on the little table, yes Candice THE  little table.   So Miz brainstorm here thought it needs sun .   Well lookie there ------ green appeared.  

I just had to share from the top of it how pretty it looks.   

One more quick look at how healthy it looks, will have to keep you posted on this one little experiment.  Who knows I may sell these at a farmers market,  home grown lettuce from my coffee cups.   Or not.  
Now my CQing is coming along, I have finished my January block for Kathy Shaw's CQJP 2015.   Where we do a block of our choice and just kind of an self imposed if you will project.   Usually I am willy nilly about my subjects just whatever pops in my head,   Those knowing me probably thinks oh no this could be scary.    This year I am organized with the project.   I sewed up 12 blocks 8 inches  in size and used some fabric of the Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos.  Yep 12 of these pretties.   A friend Janet had sent some fabric with the scenes on them and I had some fabric and thought ok a theme.  I am not a theme person by the way.   Then another angel Mary said I have some things you can use.  So this is a collaboration of Janet, Mary and Annette.
a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died

Here you go, can't you just hear the music being played and the dances laughing and having a good time of their wonderful celebration.   Yes this block is different and is it real CQ?  don't have a clue but it will be mine.   I have another one for February nearly finished.   I just thought the colors were fun and cheerful.   Of course I had to put lots of beads on it, it is a party you know.   

There you go my " Bunny Trails" for the day.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fresh Bunny Trails for 2015

Wow my blog muse has taken a vacation---it looks like it anyway.   She is back now strong and no telling what this year will bring to us all.    I do hope all had a wonderful Merry Christmas and lots of new and good changes for 2015.

Now I know this not probably the most exciting news in the world but we did get some snow, not near as much as they called for and lots of ice.   Here in the Lone Star State we are not blizzard proof and we do get ready for the pretty white stuff and we personally enjoy it.  Well, as long as we are snug in our home with the fireplace going and nice and cozy that is.   Fair weather snow peeps I guess.   

Here is it the 3rd of January and the tree is still up.  That doesn't bother us one bit but where we keep the tubs for all Christmas decorating is in the back garage and it is icy to get back there and no reason to hurry the tub hauling exercise up.   Better just to enjoy the decorating and no broken bones.  Hubby and I are not champion ice skaters,  well we are not ice skaters at all.  We watch when the fur babies go out and the slip and slide for us all.   Now I do have to admit we bundle up and take turns playing outside with our newest fur baby Charlie.   Mr. Energy.  He does love to chase his toys and when he is finished he usually goes and hides the toys.   We still have not figured out the magic command for him to come inside the doggie door but we have a little program that suits us all.  Now Libby? She is now the matriarch and is older and wiser and just doesn't mess with all the hoop la of anything.  She just lays there and watches and thinks----oh me I just can't teach this young dog anything.

I can remember in years and I mean years past I loved to go out in the snow when we lived in Takoma Washington.   We would bundle up like little snowmen and have a blast and then come in and take all of the pile of clothes  and be like little frozen icicles.  Tingly feet and fingers and cold noses that go with snow play.    At least that is where I think we were living at this time in my life. 

We do not make resolutions, nope none at all.  Why? We will just break them  and then think well that was a waste of time.  So the best way to save time in our relaxed retired lifestyle, where time is a plenty, is to not make resolutions.   Done and done.

I have been doing some crazy quilting, well really not quilting but that is what we call it and so it is.   Pat Winter did a call out for a hand, our hand, to be drawn and CQed .  That was fun and in pastel colors.  Now any of you that know me know that pastel is really really not in my vocabulary but I did it.  She is making a wall hanging with 12 hands of friends on it.  It should be beautiful.   Soooooooooo here is my hand I did. 

You see the ugly background but the hand was fun to do.   I did draw off the right hand being as I am left handed.  Of course I had to put a bracelet on, the more bling you know.   We were suppose to leave about 1/4 inch around and then Pat will applique it on the hanging.   Pretty awesome idea I do believe. 
I actually braved the elements to take pics instead of standing in our kitchen or sun room and take them. 
Now I said bunny trails and here is one set that was in the  front, well they were actually all over the front but I didn't want to fall with my good camera.  Oh the foot prints on the right were of human nature. 
Just a few views of some of our little people and doings in the front and back.   A couple of  ice covered little people.  One for each grandchild, I know they don't look like them but they stand for them, our little soldiers guarding the front door.    

Canadian geese that fly over a couple of times a day and all their honking.  It is always so fascinating to watch them fly in formation and the like one of them yells I am tired take my place and then the dance of switching places takes place.   .  


The girl tree of the patio side of the yard with the back garage holding court.  Now I call this the girl tree -she is shorter and the tree on the other side of the patio is the boy tree.  He is taller, a lot taller and both planted at the same time.  Hence boy and girl tree.  

Mr. Nome,  he is our moving Nome.  We have used him to help us move and Grandson has used him also.   Now if you look to the right you will see more Bunny trails coming and bouncing in the back.  This is why Charlie has such a conniption in the dark of the night.  Bunny invasion.  

Even our Faerie village got snow and ice.  We were disappointed no more snow than we got but moisture is moisture. 

More Bunny trails in the back yard.  Oh the whole back yard was full of them, I like to think of them as little bunnies  and not some giant multi legged critter with rabbit feet.  Did get carried away with that thought didn't  I?  Sorry, sometimes my fingers get carried away, certainly not my imagination  
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your visits to my world.   Kind words and just popping in.   I hope all have a great 2015 and we will see what takes place in the creative world  of us all.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It is funny how something you see or do makes you think of an adventure or episode of your life of younger years.   Be it a flutter of a leaf, a dog barking, some little something of a glimpse of something on television.   Just like a little alarm clock so to speak.  There it is stuck in your mind until you either write about it or write about it. 

The other evening I thought yikes I have not written on my blog and y'all are going to tar and feather me.   Oh just kidding on the tar and feathering.   While thinking that I thought of Ivanhoe the movie I almost got to see in 1952.   Yep the world was perking along even then.   I had always thought that Robert Taylor and Elizabeth Taylor were brother and sister.  Well, you have to remember I was only 8 years old then also.  When that movie came out I was so excited and thought I had to go see it.   The movie came out in an interesting time in my life so a lot was happening besides Ivanhoe.    I was 8 and my brother and sister that went to the movie with me was 7 and 6.   We stood inline like all the dressed to the nines adults in line.  We had our 25 cents in our hands so excited.  It was enough to get in the movie and get a popcorn.   We got closer and closer to the office box and while waiting looking at the movie poster and chattering about it.   Yea our turn at the box office.  The person, I can't remember if a guy or girl, calmly said it is 60 cents each please.   60 cents?   Oh my that was a giant sum for us and I remember asking why and it is because it is a special movie.   So we all three held hands and off to walk back home.  It was dark dark by then but we made it home safely but no Ivanhoe.   Never did see that movie but oh love movies still.   I remember later that year that we could go to a movie, have our popcorn and stay all day to see our Westerns and the cartoons and newsreels.  

Now I know some don't remember that is how we got news.  The newsreels at the movies.   At least that is how I remember it and along with the previews of the upcoming movies and the wonderful cartoons.  Such a delightful Saturday afternoon.  I have loved movies always and a good place to take you away and be in a fantasy world for a while.  I am always not watching the movie for it's self but seeing the lighting, the decoration of the rooms and props and the make up and costumes.  Man there is a big job to go to a movie for me.  

This is some images of the Alien can you imagine how my mind checks out these costumes and  the backgrounds.   I can't tell you how many times I have seen this movie and A vs P.   Many many times and my friend Ginger even bought me the DVD of A vs P  .  

Now days our Sunday afternoons is watching the Dallas Cowboys play football and in the spring and summer the Texas Rangers play baseball.  Well I usually do stitching and sketching during all of this time and when we go to the movies during the week it is an early movie so we won't have lots of people talking and sharing the movie on their cell phones.   A lot has changed since 1952 I do believe.  

My art has changed a lot also from my stick people scenes I use to draw to what I am doing now.   I don't believe I ever shared the last couple of pieces I did with Tracy Verdugo.   Years ago I tried to get as lifelike and totally controlled what I drew and painted, then into photography and now back into traditional art.   Wow during all that time my muse really has grown or she has been there all the time and I am just now listening.    I can thank Tracy for letting my muse just come out and play.

One of the pieces I did, but recycling me gessoed on the back of an old display photograph and tada a new painting surface.

This is how my muse led me to do this 34 inch by 34 inch piece.  Yep it is big but was fun and no telling how many layers are on this sort of canvas.   Of course the photo does not do it justice with all the textures and colors and what is peeking thru for the eyes to see.    I like to think my muse and all my movie going all played together and this is what came out.   I can see an alien in a spaceship, underwater that is ( Jules Vern? ) and so many other little images in it. I am thinking the movies just helped my muse grow.   
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ciggie used in another way

Well it is getting close to the end of NOVEMBER !!!!  All I have to say is just WOW !  Here in Texas we had an early snow.   That is unusual for us this early in the year.   It was only an inch but still early and I guess Mother Nature just spoils us with the weather.  She compensates us I guess for giving us the wind and sand.   Just thinking that from me to you. Right now as Hubby just said "do you want to go out and look at the country side or just sit in the house and watch it go by?"   The sand is blowing and the wind howling.  BUT  a good thing it is blowing the dead leaves off of the trees.  An early hard freeze tens to have the trees hang on to the dead leaves, hanging on for all they are worth.  Saying no no  I am not ready to drop and leave the tree nude.  

I have been taking another on line class, I love those things.   You can log in and play whenever you want to and they all have little groups if you want to visit about them but still in jammies if you want. When a football game is on and Hubby is watching it and you are in your own little art world creating and messing with art supplies.   Of course I have my TV on.  No girlie movies or music, I do think they would put me to sleep.  

I am taking a class with Roses on My Table about Journal Journeys  taught by Zinnia. it is for a year and only a $35 donation to a great cause.  

Had to share what I am doing right now, chip board and gel medium flying here and there and fingers getting dirty and can't forget bits of paper either.  I guess sometimes if just feels good kinda like when you made mud pies when you were little or just doing some yard work.   On the yard work I think oh do I really want to change clothes and get out there, REALLY?  But when I go outside and start doing the yard work I am so glad that I have done it.   Hubby is right along side me with the yard work but I don't think he thinks about it like I do.  Now I do have to be sure and pick up any pieces of paper that have landed on the floor because our new furbaby Charlie thinks it is something for him to eat. 

One of my Journals I made I used a ciggie from a painting I did of our Princess as a Mermaid.  I thought she might like a journal featuring her as the star.   I know I create the ciggies for my CQ work but why not for other forms of art?  There is no Ciggie police that tells me I can and can't use them for other projects.

Here is the Mermaid journal, it contains just paper for writing notes to self and then some mixed media paper in case the Princess choses do sketch and doodle.   I happened to have some ocean type stencils that were close to a million years old.    You have to keep everything don't you?  Just in case you need them.   I have been guilty of throwing something away and then saying rats and double rats I could have used that.  

Now this little journal is so not me with the soft colors but thought I would try to see if I could.   Now the beads were part of a necklace that was like a whole $1, I think I have gotten my $1 worth out of it.  I haven't done anything with the other side of the window yet.  It will come to me I can almost bet on that.   Now this journal when I started was the stucco color and the window was turquoise and I was going to make it the wonderful Mexico influence.  I made the mistake and went to bed, gotta sleep sometime and when I woke up the Mexico influence left, gone, vanished.  So I had to rethink where I was going with this one.  

My watercolor Journal.  I thought I would use one of my digital watercolors for the front.  I so enjoyed doing those little flowers.  The spine, OK are you going to get to stay little flower and leaves?   I fear they will be trashed and something else will replace them. After doing watercolors in the book they may not play well with the book.  Only time will tell.

The first Journal I did, nope didn't start out this way I can guarantee that.  I think 10 layers of colors and combinations are on there.  Then before I went to bed that night I thought TEAL/TURQUOISE might be the answer so the next morning drip and drop here came the paint.  
 You know as I am writing this I am thinking I guess sleep and a fresh start might be a good thing with art.  We just get to close to the art piece whatever it may be.  We need to stand back and take a breather and have a fresh look at it.  We are our own worst critiques you know. 
There you go what I am working on at the moment and right now doing a painting  that is a secret right now.  Then back to some Tracy Verdugo style paintings.  I am so loving being able to do art everyday.  It may be for only an hour or two or the whole day.   I am so blessed with having that ability.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.