Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Miz Lazy Bones and CQing

Ok, now what is up Miz Lazy Bones Annette?   My goodness I thought-- oh my I haven't blogged and I know it is summer and we get so busy doing things and little projects before it gets so rip blazing hot outside.  Sometimes Hubby and I think why do we give ourselves so many projects?  We are retired and thought we were relaxed retired.   Right now he is in the back garage/shop finishing a little project for me.   This one was a total accident.  A great one and will have pics of it soon.  I know when some see it you will say what is she thinking ?  BUT no one will see it except y'all and us.   Can't wait to show you, a happy accident I guess you would say.

Now we ordered some Adirondack chairs on line.  We looked at some sort of like them and they were $499 each.  I thought I don't want to spend that for some chairs that will sit out in the sun and weather.   We got them in, they were stained and I thought well that won't do for our patio.    So spray paint world here we came.   Yellow and Turquoise were the lucky colors.    I had painted an outside rug a couple of three years ago and just wanted something to go with it.  It does have a few Jewel footprints on it.  Seems like she liked the turquoise paint and branded the rug and patio with her little footprints.  

The chairs came in pieces and many pieces I might add.  I used liquid sander and some of the chair is turquoise and some is yellow.  They recline and have a foot stool that pull out.   I even wore a mask with this project.   I don't want to be brain dead from the fumes.  

I got those painted, sprayed some polyurethane on them and Hubby put them together.  We spray painted outside pots and spiffed them up and even bought a cut little table at Garden Ridge and repainted it.  Man alive it didn't move in our back yard it got sprayed a color.  

Pictures please Annette:

Have some fabric ordered to cover the cushions for the newly painted old patio chairs.  They were standing still so zip zap they got painted.    The little yellow and  turquoise stools now little tables.  They were some stools I had left over from photography days.  They were brown and very useful at the time and I used them a lot from the photography days. I thought they needed a new lease on life.   So tadaaaaa   little tables. 

Even the garden trellis got a coat of paint.  This is a pic also of the rug, it has resisted several bad hail storms and lots of sun and snow but still perking along.  This rug must weigh a million pounds and only once blew up one corner with our winds.  It has one coat of kilz and two gallons of yellow paint. 

Fresh painted table also.  

Now you can see at the top of the pic the stand alone flower bed which is where my faerie garden is. 
Had to show some of the flowers we get to see and we have planted 11 trees after we got here and the two bigger ones were here and have grown like weeds.   Our water is so hard that if anything survives it we plant more of it.   Tough little trees.
Now we have several other projects going and I have been Crazy Quilting also.     I am also a member of a group called Crazy Quilt Divas on FB and they are doing a round robin where we make 6 naked blocks and mail them off and each of the 6 players in our group embellish one block that we have pieced together.  Then we get all 6 of our blocks back and they are embellished to each artists taste.  I did 6 blocks of faeries, who would have thought that? The blocks are 6 1/2 by 6 1/2. 
This is the first block that I did of Mary Beards in Austin , Texas.   A fellow Texan and very talented.   I forgot to take a pic before I started putting lace on but I bet you get the picture of a naked block.

The block after I embellished it.  I had found a pin at an estate sale and thought it would be perfect for this block..
One more July piece I have created.. Not sure what this one is going to be but she is ready maybe to be a purse?  
Now even the sun room is getting a make over.  The Martha Stewart wonderful chair and foot stool even got painted white.  Shuuuuuu don't tell her we painted it.   It has a new run in there, I did mess up and yes I admit a mess up.  The rug is perfect but cotton so I am spraying scotch guard on it hope that helps.  Pics later don't want y'all to have overload here.    
There you go what I have been doing, well not all of it but some of what I have been doing for July.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.

Friday, June 27, 2014

A New Home for Faeries

Do you have a spot in your garden/yard that you just can't do anything with?   You know the spot, maybe to sunny or to shady and you are thinking what in the Sam Hill am I going to do with this?   When we moved into our home over 5 1/2 years ago now there was this sort of flowerbed.  It had some shrub and geraniums in it.   I thought how pretty, well it had all been just planted for the show and to sell.   You know the tricks of the trade I guess.   The plants including the shrub died and I have tried several things in it.   So shade loving plants have sort of lived.  You know the sort of trick that plants play on you don't you?  They look great and then half of it dies and you don't have the heart to dig it up and throw it away.  I had planted some Holly Fern wonderful stuff when we lived 80 miles or so south of here.  Always was green in the winter and just did it's own thing.   Not so here but it does sort of come back every year.

I did keep fiddling with the plants that lived and then this year the light bulb in my head turned on.   Ok Annette, the piddle queen of the world lets really put the thinking cap on and see what you can do.

We were at Wally World and there was this little box saying here I am Annette pick me up.   I did pick it up  and proudly brought it home and it was colder than a booger bear but it sat in my art room's bathroom  mining it's own business until it finally warmed up.  

I positioned what was in the box and thought ok but you still look a little bare so went to JoAnn's and to Michaels and they had things there that fit the ticket.  Now I have played and rearranged and think I still need more in the area but here is what I have done so far. 

I had this young lady for years and she is faded but she fits the ticket I do believe.   The mother of faeries.

Can you guess what is coming next ?   Yes I made a Faerie village of sorts.  A work in progress but of course that means a little more shopping.   I think some more tiny little red mushrooms around would add some color.


The Faeries had to have a recreational area so they don't go bananas tending to their little world.   We found this little bird house at Garden Ridge and thought tada for the Faerie village.    

There you have it a tour of my new village.   It is a flower bed of brick and about waist high so perfect to peek in and see what is going on.   Some of the Holly Fern which is suppose to stay green in the winter covers it all and I had to hold the leaves back to photo this.   So it is hidden from the green and blue dragons that go down our alley once a week.  They are disguised as trash trucks.   I hope you enjoy seeing the progress of it all.

Now I have been busy also with some Crazy Quilting of some little pouches using----you guessed it Faeries.  They are surprise gifts and they wanted to be included with the yard faeries. 

One of my first little gals I did several years ago.  She is going to her new owner in a month or so.  

One more Faerie her name is Sparkle and will be going to her new owner soon.
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 

Friday, June 20, 2014


It is funny how circumstances  happen and change your life and little things make your heart grow.  This precious little fur baby came into our life late one night in October 2007.  Our life was never the same when this little bundle of energy came into it.  We enjoyed every second of her.    We went to the vet the first time on May 12th and by May 22, 2014  this little bundle of fur and love  died. A shock and to us both and she was so deep into our hearts.   We know she is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us when we cross over to go to Heaven.   
I do need to back up with my story though.   Our Granddaughter  moved with her family and was not able to take Jewel with her.  They had given her to some people in their neighborhood and some how late one October night she wound up in a busy busy intersection some 20 miles from where she was suppose to be.  Hummmmm I could almost think someone dropped her off.  An Angel found her and rescued her from certain death and we received a call, thank goodness for dog tags and this is when this bundle of energy came into our life.   When we would babysit our grandkids we always enjoyed watching this wiggle tail baby and entertain us the whole time.
There was not a day when we didn't laugh and be so entertained by her and her busy personality and wiggle tail and never never met a stranger.  Now I could fill a book about her but just wanted to share a little about this sweet fur baby.  I won't mention though the skunk incident, wow was that ever strong.  Peppy la Pew really got she and sweet Libby good and we even let them in the house before we knew it.   The tomato juice trick was not the helper in that experience but peroxide was the winner to get rid of that smell and good ole fresh air helped the inside of the house.    

Here she is and is 11 years old here.  We enjoyed this baby for about 7 years.   She even got her weight down to where the vet was pleased.   Not by her choice I promise you.  If she had her way she could have eaten constantly.  We bought food once for older dogs, wow did that ever pack on the weight for this little gal so back to the Lite bites for her.   And Beggin Strips, don't know what is in them but they would go nuts for their little strip just before bed time.  Lots of bouncing around.  

You can tell there was some length to this little body and very seldom still.  Always exploring and hunting.   We had lots of excitement one morning---a rabbit got in the back yard. Oh my goodness things got pretty busy then but the rabbit was quick and escaped thru a tiny opening in the back gate.  Every morning we would say where is the rabbit and action popped into the back yard.   Hunting and sniffing for the rabbit.


Now when we got a new mattress, yearly, for her dog house we had to always slit it open so she could tuck herself in and get comfy. Sometimes totally covered and sometimes just the little black nose would stick out and the little doggie heating pad was on most of the time.  Except when it was in the high 90's and 100's.  Even after the new "dog house" aka sunroom was built she still had to have her covers.   I mean it weighed nothing but it was a cover.  

She loved to dig, guess that was the Beagle in her.  This was the frog hole she dug and get the frog out for Libby to play with.  They were a team.  Jewel would do this with gophers  in the back yard on the other side of the berms.  I once told Grandson if you ever had to go in our back yard at night don't go past the berms.  It was like the Grand Canyon back there.  Everytime it rained it stirred up the smells and off she would go to dig and dig.  Sometimes her copartner Libby would stand guard and watch and Libby would even take turns to dig.  Wasn't that sweet that Jewel shared the digging duties with Libby?

Libby with one of their frogs.    Now we named her Libby, thanks to Carolyn's suggestion because we liberated her from the pound on November 2009. Lots of energy back then for Libby.

Here are the "Butterscotch Twins" just before they got their morning toothbrushes, AKA doggie chews.   Now Libby is alone and not sure but you remember she is a rescue baby and we feel like she had been left alone all day and then fed and hopefully loved in the evenings.  She is very timid and if you have anything in your hand, anything she cowers down and almost turns herself inside out so you won't see her.    She and Jewel got along so well and hunted those gofers and  rabbits together.  She is doing better and I know misses her little friend also. 

We did make a Christmas card with them and Santa.  Well actually they were sitting there waiting for a chew and I popped Santa in there. 
I did this painting of her the other day and had to include it with her story.  
Our fur babies just love us unconditionally and just ask for love back.  They don't care what we look like, what we wear, what we drive or where we live.  They just love and want to please.    I know several of you have lost your pets and I am so sorry but know they are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.  This is a beautiful poem and if you have time look it up and read it.  It will do your heart good to know that our pets are waiting for us.    A dear friend Dee told me in the dog world on the first clear night after they die to look up into the sky and the first bright star you see will be Jewel.   We did see her in the sky.   I know some say they don't have souls but I don't believe that and they are so perfect that they don't have to come back to earth and relive their lives.  They are perfect in every way.   In the past 7 years we have lost 3 fur babies and it is always hard.  The joy the bring to us is wonderful and we miss them all so much. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in our world.  It has taken the "soup" out of us losing this baby and time does heal but sometimes your mojo just takes a while to get back to normal. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

June is here

June is here already.    Here is my June block for CQJP.   I had created several ahead and so glad I did.   Sometimes life gives you surprises and you get bogged down.  But my little Faeries were there and ready to be created into something.   Sooooooooo here she is.
I used some little silk flowers on this one, I always remember Pat Winter says there are no rules.   Thank goodness.   So some silk ribbon flowers and of course a few hundred beads later this little jewel is done.  I hope you enjoy looking at "JUANITA".   I printed her up a little softer but the pinks and creams were ok with what I did.  
This blog note is a tad short but promise the next one will be longer.    Have a good week and oh my create something today even if it is pie.  Now I love pie so I will be able to smell it.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mother Nature and the Little Doll Head Box

Hello there, I have been tardy sorry about that.   Been doing whatever relaxed retired people do.   What you may ask is that?  Don't know just enjoying the moment and being sort of bums without any stress.  Hummmm that may be it.   

Now I don't know about  y'all but I know dear Mother Nature has been sort of ugly to us.   I have a ciggie/silkie done of her and thought maybe I will do a Crazy Quilt block of her.  Maybe to sooth the feathers so to speak.    I had her almost done and then ugly weather again including snow in May and in Montana and Northern New Mexico.  So I got the block out and finished her.

Here's to you Mother Nature.   Love ya gal and your weather changes but time to go into normal weather and semi retire on the bad weather for a while.

So here she is.  Sorry about the Watermark but sometimes you have to protect part of your work.    Any who, I added organza to the wings and some fancy dancy thread, gave this Mother Nature some bling on her crown.   I think I almost saw a smile when I finished her.   The golds and rusts I usually don't use a lot of but with that glorious red hair it just called for it.  

Here is the whole block finished.  I got to thinking what if she gets mad because I didn't share the whole block?     I did use some silk sari ribbon I had and the trim at the top left has mirrors in it, just something fun.  The black pretties on the right is from a bracelet I deconstructed ( how do you like that word instead of tearing up? ) from an estate sale. 

Now I also did a little shadow  box, my first and have been looking at Diane Salters beautiful work and thought ok it looks like fun and I want to play this week so here it is and I hope I will explain the  steps as my mind led me.

Here is the finished box.   Well not actually a box but an 8x8 deep ( 1 1/2 inch ) canvas and this is the back side.  With the wood etc showing.  I got out my craft black acrylic paint and painted this little thing stem to stern   Inside, outside anything that showed white.  

I then gathered and gathered all that I could think of that might go with some kind of a theme.   I did discover lo and behold I don't have enough stuff!!!! Yes you read that correctly.  More stuff.   I use to have lots of little things when I had my photography business but gave them all away.   Oh well don't want to be a hoarder but a semi one would be nice.  So off to the store with a good excuse to buy.  My motto has been    SHOP TIL YOU DROP, SPEND TIL THE END AND BUY TIL YOU DIE  or some such wording like that.   Hubby is so patient and just reads a book when we go this kind of shopping and then of course I am exhausted and we have to eat lunch out somewhere.  Isn't that the rules?   Mine anyway.  

After gathering things I measured the paper width I wanted to use and thumbing thru what I had a decision was made.  All the paper was then cut to where it wanted to go.  I even cut a piece for the back as well as the sides on the inside.  I didn't not glue yet even though I wanted to incase I changed my mind.  We ladies do that you know.  A lot. 

I am doing this for a special Princess so here goes.   I found the doll head thingie at Michaels.  It was a head with some little things fastened to it.   I took the gold crown with "diamonds" off of a necklace and used a lot of E6000 glue throughout the whole piece of art.    I then gathered some sparkled tulle and put around the empty spool of thread and glued some lace at the neck also and then tied ribbon and a bling button on this .  So far this is all I glued together.  

I placed and placed again and finally came up with a design I liked. 

 I did use Modge Podge for the paper though.   A friend told me when I was having troubles with air bubbles, thank you Janet, that to coat the paper and the base and you will be good to go.   But don't glue on yet.   Then I placed things and replaced them until I was again happy with it all.  THEN GLUE!!!!!   First the paper, then the pretties one at a time.  

A close up of the paper sparkle flowers and a broken pin for more sparkle.   Old jewelry works wonders.  Something no one wants anymore finds it's way here and I just reuse like crazy.   I even cut the jewelry apart at times.

Now this butterfly was bright red so with some glue and pink glitter it doesn't scream out at you.  Just an accent.   The ballerina is one of those birthday things you use to fancy up a cake.  Several years ago I received 2 of them in a kit I got and thought what am I going to do with these little things?   TaDaaaaaa   now I know.  Looks girly to me. 

The side of the canvas/box and I did cut all the paper a tad smaller so the black would show, I thought it gave it a good look.

I found some of the metal tags by Tim Holtz and they were perfect for little messages. 

So here it is again.  I hope my meandering thoughts will help anyone who wants to make one.  
So THANK YOU  Diane Salter for inspiring me.   Now I need to go to flea markets and pick up oldies but goodies for more of these little boxes.  It was really fun.     I did add a little guardian Angel at the top of the box just for special   I Love You.  
Now one more piece.  I am finishing up this front of a purse, using the wonderful Shibori Ribbon.. I found a piece that I had that was purple.   Now this is the same Ciggie/silkie I used on  another purse front but that is the only repeat.  I just don't like to make two things alike.  In fact I don't think you can.  Your mood or circumstances are different and they just don't turn out the same.  You can use the same elements but nope-nada they will not be the same.  
Alright that is my doings for a while.   This time of year the yard calls you and my goodness our is yelling at us.  What we usually do in March and April is just now getting done.  We love it though and really don't complain about the yard work.  We would like it to be lush but being in West Texas and a tremendous drought we are fine with it all.    Like I said the weather has been horrible with winds that howl and cold and you may remember we don't like cold.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  

Friday, May 2, 2014

One more Faerie to a good home

Hello and happy Friday or whatever day you read this.  Another week has flown by and have gotten a little done besides just rearranging my ever changing art room.  Moving paints from one container to another and threads here and there.  The usual Nana shuffle as I call it.  I always think I am going to----GASP- throw something away but I just rearrange it.  Looks different so should work also.   Right?  

I wanted to share the newest, hot off the press purse I just did and it sold instantly but did remember to take pics.  I forget to do that sometimes do you do that?

So with no further ado here goes the purse.

I at first was going out of character and printed this faerie lighter than usual and was going to  do a paler than usual purse or square.   So I tried and it was not working.  I remember Pat Winter telling us you need to go with colors you like.  I do like the softer colors and  the art created with the fabrics like that are beautiful and I think I can do that I know I can--- but the purse was fighting me tooth and nail.  So I just went with my usual bright colors and the whole piece just flowed.   I should have listened to Pat in the first place.   Sorry MB.  

I had to try some of the fancy smancy  Shibori ribbon going with the pleats and all.. I think it is so pretty and you just go with it and play and see where it leads you.  

I used part of a "prom" earring like the girls wear to prom and thought this will go perfect with this heart I had. 

I had received this beautiful green medallion from a sweet friend  and just hated to use it and it would be gone so I just cut it in half and now I have another one to use on one more piece of CQ.   Of course had to put bling on it and the roses just went with it perfectly.   

I tried my had a dying some of the lace and this little flower did perfect and enhanced of course with  beads and flowers and some of Geraldine's glitzy trim she sent me.  

I added to the back some crochet that I had picked up at an Estate sale to make a pocket for cell phones.  I know peps don't like to be very far from their phones.  Ready for a quick draw.   Now our phone, stays in the car when we are out and somewhere in the house when we are in the house.  

Kind of the scoop of the whole business put together. 

Here it is the finished piece.  Well I did add some more Jesse James beads to it on the side but I added a gusset around like the boho bags so it will hold more stuff.  Then did a body cross over strap and it is good to go.  It is purchased and now off to Europe for 6 weeks.  I guess I should have sent more cards with the lady who purchased it?   Naw just making them one at a time while watching baseball is good enough for me.  I did fall in love with it and thought oh I want this but a sweet friend wanted it if the new owner didn't .  So will start a new one, same Faerie, she loves this Faerie and different every where else.  
Love love love doing this CQ art, almost and I say almost better than eating chocolate cake.    So will be off and piece the new one and maybe get to start on it tomorrow. Baseball season is upon us and there is lots of games and lots of time to do the CQ.
There you go what is going on in my world today and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Emperor Penguin inspired

Now I know you are wondering how in the world do some sweet little Penguins inspire a project?  Sometimes as you might well know it doesn't take much to inspire a project of art or love.   It just hits ya over the head with a giant, but soft, hammer and says loudly it's little message.  Be it a Muse or just your inner self and you better pay attention because if not you will just be spinning your wheels and anything you attempt will turn out not the best work you have done.

We have a group at Roses on my Table called Kindred Spirits.   Like the Emperor Penguin we huddle around in a circle for a dear one to keep it warm and give it lots of love.  Isn't that a great idea to send love and warmth to someone who needs a little tender love and care?  I was in charge of this one we just finished.  Zinnia and I  gave out a call for anyone who in Roses would like send some love.   So 13 wonderful and talented ladies sent me a 4x5 card decorated front and back with encouraging words.  I made not one but two fabric books for the cards and off it went by semi snail mail.  Now I say semi snail mail because it had to go over the waters to Australia but still snail mail.     The cards were decorated with lots of texture and that is why we need two books.  

Now I thank Pat Winter for the instructions a year or two ago  that she had posted on her blog Crazy Quilt Gathering.  I took it and had a blast with it and Suzy at Suzy's Threadworks was also an inspiration but my books pale to hers but if you get a chance go over there and look at them.   Beautiful textures and fabrics and laces.

I tried not to out do the cards and for the lace books to say look at me but to also enjoy the beautiful cards.

The outsides of the books different but alike.  
The spine of one of the books with an angel I had "forced" myself to buy at an estate sale.  I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it but it now has a home.

The side view of one of the books, fat little thing isn't it.  Lots of lace besides the cards.

One of the table of content pages.

I am not going to show all of  the inside of the book and it's cards, but did want to show the outside and what a wonderful idea to send love and hugs from afar.  So thank you Emperor Penguins.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.