Friday, June 17, 2016

Crazy Quiltng, Paintings and Hi Ho Silver

Hello and happy Friday and if in the land of Down Under--happy Saturday.  It is funny, well not ha ha ha funny but funny to me that we are all on the same planet and half of us are having Summer and half of us are having Winter.    I have friends and family in the Down Under and they say it is wet and freezing for them, I always think  I am going to keep track of their weather and see if ours is similar for each season.  If they get the cold and wet and then we do or visa versa --we get the cold and wet and then they get it.  Very interesting to me.   Let me tell you from first hand, it is hot here today.  Toasty, warm your bones hot.   We have good old refrigerated air and I am thankful for it in every way, even our fur babies have refrigerated air in their "dog house"   aka Sun Room.    We can't let them roast or combust they are our babies.

Just grab a glass of Ice Tea and read on dear readers.  I got a little windy here today.

Nothing to exciting going on in the dog days of Summer, here but on the way home from lunch today with a friend there was a song playing on the radio.   I am not sure who sung it and what the name of the song was but I thought I have to blog today on the song.  Words in the song were Hi Ho Silver.    It made me immediately think of the Lone Ranger and Tonto a true western that had movies made and I loved them.  Now I do have a note from Annette on this---we saw the current Lone Ranger and Tonto movie and sorry Johnny Depp it was awful.   I remember listening to their episodes on the radio, which I learned the radio episodes started in 1933 (before my time, yes really !!! ) and 2956 episodes were created.   There were other radio shows I listened to but that one was wonderful     The horse's name was Silver.   For some fun facts and just a summer little exploring to do here is a link to the site   HERE .  

                          I just had to share a picture of the two heroes and of course Silver

I have been painting and stitching, I mean isn't that what Relaxed Retired Ladies do?  Well besides planting Begonias in your Faerie Garden.   The Mosquitoes are being very healthy with our rain but I read that Lavender oil, a few drops now, on a bandana help keep the pests away.  So I checked with the vet and am trying that on our fur babies.  I do know that Lavender is soothing and have gone down to one drop on a  red bandana for them to wear.   I don't want them to be Zombies or really lulled down.  

The CQJP 2016 for June, well it is one of the blocks above   I don't know if you remember but I am doing an Alice in Wonderland book.  This is June's block with some silk ribbon Irises and leaves and silk ribbon rose buds and of course every garden has to have a spider.  The bottom square has buttons in the tree, don't we all have button trees or is it just in Alice and Wonderland?   Bullion roses are fun to make and did enjoy them also on this piece.    I have finished July thru December's blocks also, but I will try and hold off to show you them as the months come.  Well I say that but I will try really hard. 

I embellished this for a friend who I am in a Round Robin with, she sews the block and I add of my goodies to it.   She liked birds for I found in my stash two birds with beaks together so I got my scissors and clip clip the birds were separated and I then had one.  It is embellished with threads and I did use lots of silk ribbon on this one.   Hope you like it. 

Sketching while watching the baseball games, GO TEXAS RANGERS.   This artsy lady just begged me to sketch her so I couldn't turn her down.  It is just pencil and some white pastel dabed here and there.  I was going to add color but kept telling my self this a a sketch to keep myself in the groove so in the groove I stayed.  

I finished this painting for a friend and the subject was her beautiful daughter. Elizabeth.  She had a cap on and of course I had to do some artistic doings on this.  I made whimsical and did add just a tad to her hair after taking this photo.  There are lots of layers of paint mainly acrylic and acrylic inks.  Man alive the acrylic inks are fun to work with and can be transparent.  You can drop and drip and let the inks run and just play to your hearts content.   I had no idea where this painting was going and then just kept adding and adding things until Elizabeth told me to stop.     

Well that is it for the second for me.  Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 


Friday, June 10, 2016

A quick not to say hello

Hi dear Blog readers,  ok I have been absent and guess I need to reintroduce myself.   Hi I am Annette from Texas and just write on my blog whatever in the world comes to mind.   AND AND all in different paths or as Grandson says I write in Bunny Trails .  Do you remember me faintly?   

It is getting toasty here by next week.   Toasty is good to me and feels great on my bones.
We don't have much humidity so I guess I cannot judge how it feels with the wet stuff in the air.   Well you do have to remember ladies don't sweat, we just glisten.  Let me tell you I don't like to glisten either so in the mornings I am good and get my mowing or anything done like pertains to work.  Later in the day I am an indoor girl.  God created air conditioners for a reason in my book, probably for namby pamby people like me.  Who is in the namby pamby group with me.?   I can see your hands being lifted as I type.

Now I have no excuse at all for being MIA on my blog.  I have a ton of pics to show and not sure where to start, I don't want you to get art blind with looking at so many at one time.  

I have been working on Sue Spargo things,   felted wool and lots of bling, Texas Bling to be exact.  So I will start with the blocks.   How is that?  They are not the colors and some not the placements recommended in the book and certainly not the stitches and bling but here  is May's block.   I did use an Artist's license to put this little thing together. 

I have been painting and will get to those soon for you.   I will go stand in the corner for a while, well with my popcorn and tiny candies by my side and the corner facing the TV, but I will stand in the corner for not keeping in touch.    

I had a give a way and the main winners still have not given me their addresses.   One is Talking horse and the other is a Karen . Please if you would like your prize let me know.  I am not sure how to handle this and I have not ever had someone not give me their address to mail their present to them. 

Ok I am giving it the old try the best I can do.   I guess if not by the end of the year I will just give them to someone else who signed up for the drawing. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Y'all are the best and later.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Alice, The Knight and The Lady in Red

Hello and happy Saturday.   Now I know it is like a regular day to us, being as Hubby and I are Relaxed Retired, but we still think WEEKEND relaxing.   I suppose WEEKEND  is just ingrained in us.   Work on weekday and relax on weekends.  It is funny isn't it how we get into habits of different little quirks.   

Now when kids and grandkids were in school we went to ball games on weekends also as well as during the week.   One time, I guess this is dedication or nutty or some label, one of our daughters didn't do track.   BUT she worked at the concession stand, so Hubby and I went to the track meets to "support " her.   Sometimes people would ask us why were we there and our answer would be because our daughter was working in the concession stand.  Funny what we do for our kids isn't it?    One daughter was a runner, a true runner.  She ran like the wind and we loved hearing people from other towns that were sitting next to us say watch this one she can run like the wind.   One track meet we went to the field was so foggy we could only see the start line and the finish line but we got to see her start and finish and of course win.  She didn't let the fog slow her down.   

I am not sure why this little story came to mind but it did today.  I guess the wind blowing and the sun shining made me think of track meets. 

Today I am showing the March CQJP and of course it is Alice and the knight.  I do wish you could see the horse better it is blinged up big time.   The horse has lots of sparkles on it.   I painted the designs on the little birds, made the trees go out of the "ciggie"/ silky  and made some polka dot flowers out of ribbon.   This has been a fun project.  A little secret?  Well I have thru June already done and will finish them soon,  6 more to go, because our Texas Rangers will be starting their baseball season soon.  Baseball is great stitching time and the games are several hours long so stitching I do.  

I have started another series like my Faeries I did a couple of years ago and thought you might like to see it develop.  I am thinking of doing "ciggies"/silky out of these also,  Just a little different and may even put on my Etsy site to sell the "ciggies/silky.   

Here is the sketch of the first one, I used a magazine lady for the model.   Magazines are full of the ladies and some have not giant smiles and just perfect for what I do.   I loved this one but she didn't stay looking like this long.    

Here she is after sort of finishing the face and I thought what and where is she going?  I try to let my art speak to me, yes it does speak to me  and I try to listen at this stage in my art.   When I was younger I didn't  listen to my "muse" and was never happy with my art.  I think one thing is I painted for judges and what I thought I should paint and for what a gallery wanted.  Now it is for Annette and I enjoy the easiness of it.

The circle appeared and so did the tree and then I thought well now what?    I added some gold leaf, some butterflies that flew over from England, thank you Juanita, and I even added an earring to her headpiece. 

If you know me by now I like pretties and swirly lines and I had to add more of the lines.  I also added some pretty red fabric on her dress.  A plain red painted dress was not what she needed.  So she is finished and I do believe she will make a perfect ciggies/silky .  

There you go and thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 



Monday, February 29, 2016

A Birthday Card in the making

Well hello, here it is February 29th.   Yep a leap year in 2016.   So in celebration of this every four year even I will post one more entry.   No giggling now about the extra post.   I don't know if they celebrate Leap Year but today we will celebrate it.   You do wonder about the birthdays on the 29th of February, do the people just celebrate on the 28th or just really really not ever age on these odd years.  I have always thought of that.    Our beautiful granddaughter's birthday is the 28th so she squeaked by on the month, getting to celebrate every year.

I wanted to make a different birthday card for her and I did make a 12 x 12 card of sorts.  Some of you when I put the teaser up of what I was going to do wanted me to show them how I made it.   So I thought ok I will show how the card is made and in my different way tell you how I did it.    Now I don't represent any company or am not a designer for anyone except myself, but I do use Golden and Daler Rowney products.     So lets go see what I did .

 First I gathered goodies I thought I might use.  I am a blessed lady let me tell you because a lot of these pretties were given to me.   Even to the point of the computer part on the right.   We were getting  my computer out of the hospital and they had a stack of these what evers.   You know me I asked what are these?   I cannot remember what they said but they game me several.  I had more treasures to add to my collection.   All right I am straying but back to the story here, I gathered some pretty goodies and I am not ever sure what I will use so I always gather to much.   Even to the point of scraps of paper and pieced of good ole plastic parts of snow flakes ( they are awesome by the way ). 

I set the goodies aside and then gathered my 12 x 12 canvas and used some Golden molding paste ( Grandson gave me a giant jar of the wonderful stuff ) and applied it with a stencil.  I did use a bubbly looking stencil, Granddaughter does live in Hawaii you know and there are "TINY BUBBLES" there.  Sorry just reminds me of the song  "TINY BUBBLES" .   

I chose a photograph of Granddaughter that someone has taken of her that I always loved.  The photograph help set the scene.   I started adding goodies to the canvas, layers and layers of the goodies went on the canvas.  I glued it down with Golden Gel Medium.  That stuff I do believe will stick an elephant down.  No really it has stick ability like crazy.   After everything dried I gave the whole kit and caboodle  a good healthy coat of Gesso.       

Guess I could have left it like that and it would have looked like a blizzard or something but nope kept on going.  I glued fish, and octopus, sea glass, the computer whatever at the bottom and just stuff.  Good stuff and was ready for the fun step.  Not that it all wasn't fun but adding the color is just like icing on the cake---yum.
I used some Golden paints watered down and then the Daler Rowney  Acrylic artist ink.   I didn't have any thin liquid anything to go on here so I just put some of the Artist ink in a little spray bottle and tadaa I had spray ink.  I just try to use what I have, but I still have a lot of things.   I am going to have to live to be 200 years old I do believe to use all of it.   LOL can you see me in my art room just creeping around with paint all over me saying I have to use all of this  "stuff" .   
After all was dried I then went back in and added a few diamonds and some pearls to glam it up some more.   It is an awesome photo isn't it?  I have always like it and thought she might like one of herself.   Orange and blue are opposites so it worked perfect.  I always try to use opposite or complementary colors. The colors just work better and sing to you when they are opposites or complementary.     
Here you go the Princess's birthday card.  
Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

No CQ but could be an awesome one

Hello and February?    Some parts of the US  they are having one heck of a snow storm and I hope all are warm and toasty.   I will not say what our weather is here the last few days, y'all might throw rotten eggs at your computer screen.  So  just be safe and hope you enjoy this post from me.   Hugs.

A challenge, you know sometimes we have a challenge for ourselves.  Some of them, hummmmm not sure about and you say what am I doing why is this so challenging to me?   You know the ones I am talking about.   Even like when I was making the "slip covers" for our comfy chairs, during the process I thought NOOOO why am I doing this.   Did I bite off more than I could chew?   Well I kept on plodding along, although wishing I had an air powered staple gun, and finished them.   They were suppose to be slip covers and kind of are but ended up stapled to the frame so they were semi reupholstered.   Now that was a challenge to me and I would do it again.   Oh I could go on and tell of some challenges I won't do again but nope going to stay positive.  Right?

On Facebook, I know some are on there with me, there was a challenge to work on one painting for 30 days.  I thought ok, I have not ever ever ever spent that long on a painting.   EVER!!!!   It should be fun and see what my muse comes up with .   Will she leave me hanging and make me finish this on my own?   Will she say you started it Annette so go for it?    Nope she hung in there with me.    I am not going to post all 30 day but will post a few of the days and then of course the day 30.   Of course with some of Annette comments   : )

Day 1, now this was just pure fun splashing and splashing colors, my favorite colors by the way.  One thing I learned though is that I did to much for the first day.   Now if I do another 30 day challenge I will hold the horses at the beginning.   Remember I was not use to working so long on one painting. 

Day 2,  can you tell the brush and the paint and my muse were having a blast?  I was putting swirls and pretties all over this.   Now I did remember to take a large file photograph just incase I fell in love with a day and then could print it off and play with it that way.  At least sensible Annette was thinking in there somewhere. 


Day  4,  the eyes emerged.   When they did I thought wow I love these.  I did take them after our granddaughter's eyes.   Finished?  Right?   It was only day 4 people.  Day 4 and only 26 more days to work on this painting, I could have signed it and been quite happy.    

Day 7, oh the days are flying by ( right, this is only day 7  ) and I am struggling here.   I am trying to make her and the painting last.  Should I just paint over the eyes?  Should I just zero in on one eye and have feathers as eyelashes?   I have done that before, but no just keep on trucking Annette  your muse will help you.  Well all I had to say is she better get herself out here because I was sinking.  AND only after day 7

Day 9, oh the agony, then I added texture aka tissue paper to the painting here and there and some darks and doings.   

Day 19, whew, the days are flying by now.  The hair and someone chose to do a whole face and added greenery.   I, not my muse , decided to add sort of faerie wings to her.  I love the airiness of them and one sweet friend reminded her of a beautiful bird.   She has a head piece now and looks a little poofy, well she is from Texas and we are known for big hair aren't we?   

Day 27, now remember I told you I would not post all the pic.  Sure don't want you going to sleep here and drop your coffee or whatever in your lap.  The headpiece grew as did the foliage and the hair.   Now I am looking her face rounded out and she needs a little sculpting there.  Maybe she got tired of taking so long in getting painted and ate to much chocolate?   They are now saying it is good for you now, well today anyway.    I am also wishing now that I had not painted her on the back of a 16x20 display print.   Remember I use to be a professional photographer and have some display prints to paint on left.  Most area ancient photos, like the kids in them are probably grandparents by now. 

DAY 30  I AM DOING A HAPY DANCE AND DOING CARTWHEELS.   Oh I don't know how to do cartwheels, but you get the picture.  

She is FINISHED.    Of course I had to add glitter and some gold leaf and a little faerie appeared, her face shape changes, highlights were added everywhere, I darkened the bottom so she didn't look like her head was floating.  I do wish some of the other background was showing but we all know it is still back there underneath it all.   It is fun how changing the shape of her face made her look so different, same eyes though.   I am pleased at how this challenge came out and after I lick my wounds might just do another one.  

I do have another step by step of a project coming after Sunday,  it is a gift and the person has to receive it first. 
So there you go, my 30 day challenge.   I hope you enjoyed the journey with me and thank you for  stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pink Socks

 Hello there, I have been tardy can you tell?  What happened you may ask?   My answer is I don't know.   It is not that we have taken a world cruise or flown to the moon or anything like that.   You know how it is time fly's by and them WHAM it is today.  

Now I say that because January 14th hubby and I celebrated our 55th anniversary.  Yes 55 years with the same wonderful hubby, well we have know each other longer than that.  AND  THEY whoever THEY are said "oh honey it will never last y'all are just to young".  Well maybe we didn't know it wasn't suppose to last and we just took what the preacher said to heart for better or worse until death you do part ?  We have been blessed with each other, well I think so and hope he thinks that also.  Now we have learned a lot about life, each other and just everything in general.  I can tell you that for sure.  We grew and learned together. 

I didn't know how to cook, but not an expert now and if they would have had the cooking channel on the television then like they do now, wow I would have cooked even more.  They did have Julia Childs but to me she was just entertaining and I loved her and she didn't cook like Chicken fried steak and home food like that.   I didn't know it didn't take 1 to 1 1/2 cups of flour to make gravy.  I didn't know when you made cinnamon rolls and the rose so pretty and when hubby came in from work he said wonder what happens when you put them further apart.  Well from experience I can tell you they went flatter than a flitter but we still ate them.  We just learned together.  Hubby's mother taught me how to cut up a chicken, oh how disgusting but I did it.   I now buy chicken breasts all cut up.  

I did learn how to make homemade candy and discovered I would rather be a baker than a cook.   Sorry hips that is just life.

Now the pink socks and pink underwear were a mystery to me.  Poor hubby he wore them and never said a word, just "oh pink again".  I had no clue what caused that, I even changed soaps and all.   Sorting laundry is something I didn't have a clue about.   Now I know!!! Or you would think I learned that don't you?   You won't believe what happened about two weeks ago!!!!!  Yep the pink socks came back, after 55 years they just appeared.    Guess it is in the water or something like that.  Ya think so?

I hope all had a wonderful Christmas and 2016 is going to be awesome.    Normally I don't show off what we get for Christmas but please be with me a second.  Grandson got these wonderful Tombow pens for me.   A whole set !!!!!!!   I asked for a couple maybe of the little packs but just have to show them off.  They are awesome little pens and add water and just blend away with them. 

Here they are and I made a little chart of the colors also.  The stand came with them and I glued the "legs" into the base and top and they don't separate or any cute tricks like that.    Can you tell I am in hog heaven?  Towbow pens!!!!!
Now the 26th of December we had a blizzard, they even named it Goliath.  What a name and it was.   Now remember we live in Texas and we don't get things like this tromping thru Texas and delivering 11 inches of snow.   That morning we ran out and got doggie treats, the girls were almost out  so we didn't want them to suffer.   WHEW  they were good to go.  We didn't get out of the house for a week or more, we saw no need to get out.  We are retired, we were blessed to have plenty of food and Sprite Zeros for hubby and the fireplace just felt wonderful.
I did take some pictures and this first one is what it really looked like.  Winds 50-60 miles per hour and could not see across the street.  I realize a lot of the North of the US may get this but it is foreign to us.   

Here are a few pics but I took my Photoshop rights and adjusted them so you could see, we still today, 3weeks now, have snow piled up on the fence.

Now we and I do mean we got out and shoveled so the babies could get out of the main door.  It was frozen shut and they have to get out.     the blob is the foreground is Charlie dog always busy and moving.  He had to attack the snow, I mean it was moving. 

Some of the drifts

We did have to finally shovel the front some.   Not really to get mail just to get out and not fall on our bums.     This storm did keep the mailman away for several days and the trash trucks?  We still have not seen one!!!!!   Our sub division did rent a giant dumpster and I know it has been emptied several times  Thank you Highland Oaks.  We haven't used it, remember with only 2 people we don't have much trash. 

Funny how this stuff drifts isn't it?   When we go on our road trips and go like to Montana and all I love seeing their snow fences and now I know why they have them  

Now you may remember I have finished CQJP   ( crazy quilt journal project)  2015 and these are the blocks I put together in little wall hangings.   They are in my art room right now.   I thought about selling but I know it is hard to sell hand made goodies for what they are semiworth.  So my art room and I get to enjoy them.   A fun fun project.

Now Alice in Wonderland is my theme for the CQJP 2016.  Telling the story of this weird little story book.    I have added buttons and a little wooden bird I painted on and the yellow flowers are silver metal and I painted them also.  Nothing is sacred around here from being painted. 

I hope your eyes are not getting tired, almost finished. 
Now Life Book 2016 has started with Tammy LaPorta , and these next two images are from that project.  It has  like 52 weeks of prompts and assignments.  This is the 5th year I am doing this fun project but I have yet to do very many of the assignments.  Some just appeal to me but some do.  That is the facts !!!!

I used my zentangle or whatever you want to call it for the butterfly.   
This is the first page of my book, the faerie is  holding an envelope for me to put little pieces of paper with my thoughts or what have you in it.   We were suppose to use our spirit animals so I guess today a faerie and this little horse are mine.  
I was fun to do and of course I did  use my Tombow pens   : )
There you go and thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my world.   I have ideas for the next post.   That is scary, I usually never ever know what I am going to write about until I click on here and then it comes to me   bunny trails and all. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Busy as a Bee and then a little bit more

Well look what time of year it is now.   Whew it is indeed staggering how fast time is flying by.  November dear readers------NOVEMBER !!!!!  In this part of the world that mean cold and snow and some rain so buckle up readers it is going to be a cold one I do believe. 
I can remember in olden days when we lived in Washington state, Daddy was in the Army, back in the late 40's probably like1949 and 1950 yep things did happen back then.   I was  like 5 or 6 but I remember when it snowed and we loved it.  I was bundled up like a mummy and would play until my fingers and toes were not happy campers.   When I was grown and had children I remember the snow days, oh all the wet clothes and everything that goes with snow play, what a mess my Mother had to deal with.  We did not have dryers back then and clothes were draped all over every where.  Looked like now that I think back, like a wild rummage sale.  Funny isn't it,  how you think of things differently as you get older?  We are not cold weather lovers at all here  to date and they care calling for more snow more than normal for we Texans.   Love to see it and the feel of the air is so clean and it is quiet  also.  I guess the snow muffles the sounds of busy life and just makes it peaceful sounding.  Thank goodness for stitching and painting and cooking to keep me busy.   Soup and baking in the horizon I do believe.
Now I have always cut out recipes in magazines, always and tried some of them and after some adjusting to our taste some are pretty darn good.   Eldon says he can remember some of them were pretty bad and they would give our sweet dog Smokey the remains of the dish I had cooked.   He did say he probably would have lived to be 100 in our years if we had not have fed him the remains of the dishes.   I find that hard to believe but he might have been right though.  Now for those who worry about Eldon, he did live after saying that little comment.  He did grin when he said it.  
I found a Chicken Spaghetti recipe and I did overhaul and he loves it.   It has two things wrong with it.  Chicken and Spaghetti were part of the ingredients but my rearranging the recipe he now even asks for it. He does not like Chicken or spaghetti .     If I can figure out how to make a tab you can click on and there are the recipes I will share.  It does have Rotel tomatoes and wakes your mouth up a little, but that is Texas.  

I have been doing some Cqing, some Sue Spargo class work and some painting.  It is keeping me busy and off the streets.   So here goes the adventure:

Remember granddaughter lives in Hawaii and I had created a mixed media painting of her with her pretty little face so I made her a little pouch and sent it to her. 

Little glass fish and some shells and just pretties.  She loved it.
I created a purse for a friend and just wanted to share some close ups of it also. 

A close up of some Antique Sari trim and some beautiful leaves my friend Kathleen made.  She is the one who made the dodo bird for me.   Pretty talented lady  and I am lucky to have her as a friend.  

The Faerie in the middle had to have some bling and I love bringing the hair out of the ciggie confines.  

Here is the front of the purse and the tiny spider at the top right is just to cute.  Every garden has spiders of some sort.  We brought all the plants either in the "dog house" aka Sun room or the back garage aka the old "tropical hideaway" .  We did find a few spiders thinking they wanted to live in their but we had other thoughts.  

Close up of my November CQJP block.   I have one more month done and then will share what I did with all 12 of them.  This was more fun and colorful to do these blocks.  Each block I just kept doing different things and playing with them. 

The finished November block,   I think it looks like a party for sure.   

 I was in a Round Robin in Crazy Quilt world, meaning you make so many block un embellished and other ladies embellishes it how they choose.   I had one extra and this is my block with my pretties on it.   I had fun with this and you notice it is pastel in color.  Not an Annette trademark.  I showed a friend on line and she said she fell out of her chair and hurt her back she was so shocked that I did in pastels. I hope she was kidding about hurting her back. Kathy S. were you?

Now remember I am taking a little Sue Spargo class and this is my take of the block that we did for October.  I like taking the class, I get to visit with mind like ladies, we bring snacks and oh did I mention we do a little stitching thrown in there?  Lots of French Knots for the hair, I think the book showed 4 of them but I added a few more and lots of beads. Oh can you tell it has beads?  
Ok enough on stitching,    My lifebook 2015 assignment was kind of sorta like this----sort of maybe?   Anyway I had to put a few flowers and faerie and just some pretties in it.  A fun two page spread and just another thing to paint and put in a stack.  Tamera LaPorte is just the best instructor  and all the others on the lifebook squad.  I don't do all of the assignments but not because I don't like them I just have sometimes to many irons in the fire.   My stack growth, fast!
Ok nearly finished here, hang with me.   Last but not least is a painting  Tracy Verdigo influenced is the little Faerie and a Unicorn.  Now for you non believers of Unicorns and Faeries there is little pretties floating around, something for everyone.   Of course I added lots of glitter

There you go what I have been up to for the last couple of three weeks.   Now we have been getting the yard ready for Winter and I think, I thing we mowed for the last time yesterday.   Last year we didn't mow the front grass down as low as we usually do for Winter and oh my goodness it caught ever Tom, Dick and Harry's leaves in the neighborhood.  Sooooooo I wrote on the calendar to remember to mow it low.   Will keep you posted on that little program if it works.  

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  Well kind of anyway.