Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wonder What Makes A Crazy Quilt?

Now I was wondering just what are the rules of Crazy Quilting?  Now my mentor Pat Winter says there are no rules.  So I thought OK, maybe this is a Crazy Quilt block I have just finished.  Now the CQ police might come down on me, but she would be kind about it maybe.    Now here I am just guessing that the CQ police is a lady, could be a guy with a hat and dark sunglasses that would walk up to your car (in the movies) and say may I see your license m'am?   

So with pretty material behind it and two kinds of prints on the top and pretty stitches and do dads that should make  a Crazy Quilt.  

It is a wall hanging of sorts so what in the world is Annette talking about you may ask. 

Well here it is:

This is the FIRST time I have tried something like this.  A sweet friend of mine said I love it, you have to start selling these.  Well of course she is getting one but it was fun to play and just see where this piece will go and develop it's self. 
The fabric underneath was fun to choose to go with this and the lace and overlay over the blue fabric came from my friend Mary Lou.   She blessed me with a lot of fabric so this was perfect for this project.
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is gong on in my little part of the world today.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Carrying on Crazy Quilting and a bit of recycling

As Annette reminded us it is a year since we were infected with the CQ bug at Pat's Artful Gathering class.  I would like to share some bits I have made since then with you, first of all a bag that started life as my friend Sabrina's olive green velour skirt.  
I cut the hem off the skirt, turned it into a shoulder strap and added a pink zip (Sabrina likes pink!)  It was missing a bit of WoW so I made a front pocket from a crazy quilted block.   If you look closely you might notice that the seam embroidery is done on a machine.  Please don't faint!  I have a very good excuse! 

 My local embroidery machine dealer asked me to make some samples for her to use at the Knit and Stitch show in Dublin so I am showing what stitches the machine can do NOT what I can do.  All the lacy embellies were made on my embroidery machines - that's what I like about Cqing - you can incorporate all your own bits and pieces into your creation.  I also made this heart for the show - you wouldn't believe the amount of stuffing that went into it..

Then I got hold of Pam Kellogg's strawberry pattern and made this 
Here is the link to Pam's lucious pattern if you would like to make one yourself 

As usual the crochet is my own work.   Hope everybody is having a lovely summer stitching away.  Yes, Sabrina did get her CQ bag back (after 1000's saw it) and she is thrilled with it.
Geraldine x

Saturday, June 15, 2013

When Does A Ciggie Be Born?

When I started doing Crazy quilting last year, almost a year to the date now, I had no earthly idea what in the world a Ciggie was.   I mean it was a cute word but now Ciggies and I are old friends.   I love each and everyone of them and when starting a new CQ piece I open the drawer and lay then out and sees which one speaks to me at the time and then it and I just have fun picking out fabric and pretty doo dads together.  Now I know that may sound "interesting" but I never plan a block or project at all, I just let it go where it wants to go.   

I have been drawing and painting faeries, I use the old way to write it because I think it fits what I am doing.  Don't you just love that spelling? Faeries?   I first start with the oval of the face and just create from there having no idea what so ever where this little being will take me.    I have a sweet friend, Denise and she suggested I make Ciggies out of them.  I thought oh my that would fit into this beautiful art form of  CQ that I have learned.   In fact it as also obsessed me and I am not that type of a person at all.

So I wanted to show you some of my Ciggies that have been born so to speak.  I cannot wait to start a new CQ project and see where they go from the Faerie and Ciggie combined.

So here you go my Faeries.   Just had to share with you and hope the blog police don't get me for sharing some of my art work/ciggies.   LOL

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Strutting Peacock

June!!!!!! Already half of the year has flown by.  I hope y'all are creating and doing art in some form or fashion.  Gardening and cooking is art also so not to slight that medium either. 

I have finished this square for CQJP13 but just had to share it with you.  Instead of a ciggie I used this peacock I made first.  Then I thought oh my the rest of the block will have to shine to go with the peacock.  I tried to hold down the beads and embellies as not to outshine the birdie.  It is 9x9 from edge to edge and what maybe a ton of beads?  It was hard not to put more. 

The shine of the sequins almost gets us and I didn't do much to the body it looked ugly so just used a pen .  I did do his wings though.  It was fun and the button area was just nude without beads.
I just cannot get enough of CQing that is just simple as that.  Gets in your blood doesn't it? 
There you go what is going on in my world today.