Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I finished my clasp purse. I did have to change the way it was sewn together as the 2 halves did not look good when sewn together. I had to unpick and resew, back to front and then the lining with the batting separately,but I am very happy with the results. I whip stitched the area under the hinge and it turned out looking nicely finished. Barb

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Early drawing of the CPFs

Hello, greetings and salutations,

We are running away early so my drawing on my other blog  was held.  I called these CPFs   Creative Pieces of Fabric.  Can't throw any of these treasures away they are created from the "scraps" of my treasured fabric.  I know y'all have some  fabric just like  me.   Recycle or whatever you want to call it  CPF is now in my vocabulary. 

I hope the drum rolls weren't to loud and woke you up.    We have two winners   Terri Daugherty and Introverted Art.  

I will have other drawings this is just to much fun.  

Thanks for stopping by today and seeing what is going on in our world of Crazy quilts
Hi Everyone:  This is our gathering place and Annette you have done an outstanding job getting this together.
I scrolled down to the bottom and there, much to my surprise, is your recordings list that we can pick from to listen while we drool over everyone's creations. How clever!
Thanks for all you did to get this to work - I already sent for the latest edition of Pat's magazine and can't wait to see everyone's photo's.  Mine will be in the next issue.
Sew on,   Denise

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hi everyone. I'm seeing if I can post. It will be fun keeping up with everyones creations! Barb

Friday, August 24, 2012

New Post

Hi All,

So I am here finally!! 

Looking forward to this new adventure in Crazy Quilting!! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost Finished

It is funny how these little purses grow on you.  Well accessory cases is their official name.   Sometimes you have to be brave and venture out of your comfort zone.  So venture I did.  Dear Pat took the time from a trip she just took and shopped for us at Tisha's store.  It is not in the computer world but she does have a phone number-- It is Tisha's Needlework Studio 810-678-8191.  I used deeper colors but thought I have this beautiful fabric and I want to use some for a special accessory case.  So the scissors and I went to cutting, I felt like Edward Scissor Hand just cutting and snipping away. 

This is what I came up with---Monday I cut it out and sewed together, last night I  did SRE and beaded it.  Tonight I will put it all together,   I do this creative sewing while I watch Baseball with Hubby.  What team do I watch you ask?  The Texas Rangers.  There are so many teams out there and they are all good but the Texas Rangers are in our hearts.   I know each and every one of you have a favorite so   GO TEAM !!!!!!

Here you go, my don't know how many before this one purse.   It just went together so easily and I thought I may have new favorite colors.  Funny how we go back and forth like that.   I used some sequins I had just gotten in from India so they are tired from the long trip but preformed wonderfully.    
Just thought I would have a show and tell of what is going on in our part of the CQ world.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That's A Little Scary!

Every time I look at the purse I made in Pat's CQ101 class I just LOVE it. And, everyone I've shown it to has also loved it.

That is, until I showed it to my 13 year old grandson who was visiting last week. He always asks what I've made lately so I showed him my purse.

His reaction:

  YIKES! That's A Little Scary, Nana!

I looked at him in disbelief and said what's scary about my purse!

He said:

 She is!

I guess beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder!  :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thought You Might Enjoy Reading This...

I wrote this for my Linda's Blog. Thought you might enjoy reading it over here.

My Crazy Quilting Passion - So What Will These Supplies Become? 

I've been rather busy the past few weeks working on some of my blogs and some of my websites, but I've managed to get some shopping in.

 Oh, what a surprise, Linda? There's always time for shopping! Right?

 Now you might be wondering exactly what kind of shopping  I did and what is it for?

 As to where I went shopping -  if you know me it's a combination of letting your fingers do the walking and actually getting in the car and going retail shopping.

 What it's for has to do with my new found crazy quilting passion and gifts for the holidays. Since some of it is for gifts this holidays season I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipients so you'll just have to guess what I might be making out of all of the things I bought.

 So, what did I buy?
Well, we have some whites........
We have some creams......
We have some beautiful golds....
We have some elegant silvers....
The ever formal and traditional blacks.....
Some linings perhaps.....
Maybe some pink lace edging can be used somewhere?
How about some delicate green and black lace edging?
It might even be time to utilize the beautiful lace from my sister's friends' old wedding gown....
I really hate cutting such a beautiful gown, but the lace is just gorgeous....
Wouldn't you agree it's perfect for some crazy quilting piece(s).....
How about some amazing trims and embellishments from Flights of Fancy....
I didn't forget the dragonflies.....
Some cording and straps from Joanns.....
Some beautiful florals from Pamela Amundson of theDelightfuldesigner on Etsy...
Some exquisite trims from Pamela Amundson of theDelightfuldesigner on Etsy...
Colorful silk ribbons from silkribbons4you on Etsy.....
Maybe some of my own ribbon trims might be put to use.....

Maybe even some of my lace trim stash.....
Perhaps something from my bridal floral stash.....
Didn't forget the threads from Joanns..... I haven't had time to shop for Kreinik threads yet....Don't worry, however, I will.....
Or, maybe I might even use some of the buttons from my stash.....

I can hardly wait to get started on this crazy quilting idea.

First, I have to develop my patterns.  That's right there's a plural (s) in there.  Can't exactly give everyone the same style. Can I?  They compare after all....

 So, I'm left to developing a general pattern that I can modify here and there.

 Have any idea what all the above is going to make? Stay tuned.

For sure it will be revealed after the holidays.... I know, I know that's a long time to wait.  But, I don't want to give away the gift surprise.

Well, maybe I'll show you a few things between now and then. We'll see.....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trip continued

If you can't find my post from yesterday it was deleted. I accidentally posted it while trying to add text. Sorry. Anyway, I received a phone call from a friend and we talked for almost two hours then I just didn't re post last night.
Now, where was I?
After visiting with Tish for a while we went to lunch at a new place in town, "High Street House" that has wonderful Artisan breads. If you are in the area, I recommend it. I had to buy a loaf to take home.
 I tried to duplicate the "Bird" sandwich yesterday using chicken, romaine,avocado and mayo with the crusty wheat bread....yum!
We went back to the shop and talked until dinner time. Then Tish took me to a fun place where women frequent. I had the crab cakes which were very good but a large serving. Their presentation is nice and they grow their own fresh herbs right out back. I forgot the name....whoops! Of course we had to finish the day off with frozen custard. Oh my! It was so rich and I was just stuffed and couldn't finish it. We sat in the park and it was so nice to be there with Tish hanging out.
I had the pleasure of meeting Tisha's neighbor, Terry, who is truly a sweet lady and is such a great friend to Tish. I'm happy to know she has such a person close by. I also got to meet Rebecca Eiben, a talented crazy quilter. She brought in her project and blew me away. I can't share just yet because it will be the Winter cover for CQG magazine. Just be prepared for some eye candy!!!! My dear friend Jan Obertein came by also and the four of us had lunch at the herbal restaurant again. We dined on these and shared delicious deserts.
 I was hoping to shed a pound throughout the week, but.....
The next day I got to accompany Tish to her stitching group and meet, "The Gals." They were so sweet and so much fun. I envy Tish for having such a group to share with. Great ladies, and you will see their work and hear more about them in the magazine soon. Tish took me on a tour of one of the gal's homes she just sold. It was unbelievable. The sun room faced the lake and the doors were wide open letting the gentle cool breeze flow in . The mansion house was old and extremely well cared for with various levels of patio and stairs out back. I still have dreams of it. That evening I was treated to a fabulous dinner with Tish and her DH, Donald. Talk about making you feel comfortable! That is something I have problems with but not with them. Their warm home was filled with Tiffany lamps and I tried hard not to drool on anything. It was a fun time, lots of laughter.

I headed off to spend a couple days with Jan. This was the purse I made for her.

I met Jan's sweet husband Jim and really enjoyed spending time chatting with him. Again, they made me feel part of the family. Their home is so bright with several ceiling windows (sorry, I forgot what they are called) and Jan has a big arch window in her beautiful studio. We had a great time together. We went to Haberman Fabrics. It was A-mazing! I was overwhelmed and had a hard time focusing. I did find some treasures though. I got to meet the owner and the staff was so nice. Then we stopped at an totally awesome bead shop that we spent about two hours browsing. We found several flower and leaf beads and had to tear ourselves away.

  Jan showed me some of her gorgeous past homes in the area and we drove by Blue Water Bridge that leads to Canada. It kind of made me feel a bit emotional which I hid very well I think. The water was beautiful, and although I have a fear of bridges today, it was beautiful to see a part of my past.
I traveled that bridge many times during my childhood on our camping trips. My father loved taking his baby blue boat to CA to fish. Such memories of the bear in our camp, feeding squirrels peanut butter from plastic spoons, souvenirs of Indian dolls, canoe's, bark pencils and a new fishing lure each year. Yes, I was proud to be a tom girl!
Jan took me to an antique shop where I found a dish to alter. Jan is making some really neat projects which I will share at a later time. It gave me a reason to drag out my soldering iron for time? I will work it in as I sleep I guess. 

Saturday morning after a nice visit with Jan and her sweet Husband....who cleaned my windshield before I departed....I headed back to Tisha's for my last farewell before heading home. I can't thank them enough for sharing their beautiful home with me. Jan paints china so you can imagine the beauty sprinkled about her home. She gifted me with one of her plates as I left. Treasures from the heart.

It was hard to say goodbye to my Michigan friends but mom was awaiting my return. Unfortunately I missed out on a pig roast the High Street House was hosting. I would have loved to sit in the park and enjoy it with Tish and Donald. When I arrived home we had a storm and we lost our power so I just took a bubble bath and called it a day. I walked to the front porch the next morning to find my Wisteria in bloom again. What a wonderful welcome home greeting!

As you can imagine, there is much more to my adventure and before I write a book, I will end it here. I had the most wonderful time and it was something I will tuck away in my memory and cherish forever. Thank you so much Tish and Donald, Jan and Jim. I had such a wonderful time with you all.

Karrin's Third Case

I just finished my third case, as a gift to my granddaughter Kyleigh who turns 12 next week.  She is my special girl and my only granddaughter.  Am taking her to lunch today and am filling the case with a necklace, and a gift card to her favorite shop "Forever 21".    Karrin

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Creative Pieces of Fabric

Hello, you know sometimes things are to pretty and precious to be called scraps.   I am going to call them creative pieces of fabric sounds so much prettier than the word scraps.   I had these pieces of creative pieces of fabric left from my kit I had purchased from Pat for the purse with a clasp.  They sat there and just called my name---Annette please make us into something pretty.  So I thought about it and besides creating them into something pretty I was thinking that I need to have a giveaway in my other blog so they will have a happy home somewhere in the world.   I just used what I had, nothing new purchased and I had some Sari silk ribbon left over from another project so they got to share the CPF as I think I will call it.  Hope you enjoy looking at them as I did creating them.

There they are cute as two peas in a pod. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in our CQ world.  We have lots of contributors and should be fun to see what all we create along the line.  xoxox

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flower Hat

After finishing my CQ accessory purse, I was searching the web for vintage photos of women with flowers. I came across this video on YouTube and was so taken with this artist and her work. Please watch the video because it's amazing and has a upbeat tune playing while showing her work. You won't be disasppointed! I went searching for the image and found several works by Sue Halstenberg of elegant women with big hats and flowers. I've got a lot more stitching and SRE to do, but this is it so far: