Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Karrin's Second Case

I just finished my second case, a birthday gift for my sister.  I am really pleased with how well it went together.    Karrin

Boho Bag from Pat Winter's First Class

A big "Thank You" to  Pat Winter  for her wonderful class over at the  Artful Gathering  for Session One. Our class was wonderful and many friendships were made during class time. There is a class for Session Two which is for a clasp purse and another great class for sure. Tomorrow is the last day I believe to sign up for Session Two so you should go check it out. I'm posting a pic of the bag I created from class one where I took the project of the pouch and added it to the front of a larger bag, hence my version of a Boho Bag without using a pattern. Pat does have a wonderful Boho pattern in one of her books titled the "Boho Bag"  however I did not know that was available at the time I created my own. I hope you enjoy the pic's and before I finish this post I wanted to give "Annette" a big shout out and "Thank You" for starting this blog where we could all get together and share ideas and friendships in the spirit of Crazy Quilting! Hugs Annette and Thank you!! xoxo   Happy CQing!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

I've been stitching!

I have been stitching up a few things. A water bottle holder and a purse. My muse may have returned.....I missed her.
I have to assemble both yet, but I started on Wed afternoon, so I was doing marathon stitching so I could take them to my friend while visiting next week.
 Treating myself to a few of Shannon's beautiful fabrics was also inspiring along with all of your sweet purses.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Karrin's First Case

I finished my first case yesterday, but due to computer issues have had trouble posting.  My case is going to be my cellphone case, which I usually have clipped to my waist.  I made it so I can still clip to my waist by attaching a hook thing from an old cell phone case.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting the Ball Rolling

Hello  girls,  I will get the ball rolling here and post one of my just finished purses from Pat's class. I did learn on this one and expect to make many more.   Had to use one of my bees I made also, he has to keep the flowers rounded up, guess like a herd of cattle or sheep?  

The purse finished, see the little bee at the bottom right?  Buzz buzz.

Here it is  before I sewed it together.    I think that I got the pretties to close to the edge but this first one was a learner and will remember that.  Guess that is the best way to learn is just do it.  Now I am sounding like a Nike ad aren't I?   They are right though. 

Any of you fellow CQers  that would like to put posts on here, if I figured correctly, to show and tell you know , just let me know and I can invite your email to play along.    I am new at this part but bet I can figure it out.  Of course comments are loved but want yall to post also.    Will try and get some music on here to, I don't want it to be like a museum and be dead silent.  

So glad we are going to keep in touch here at Crazy Quilt Passion.   Hugs and have a great day.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on at Crazy Quilt Passion xox

Friday, July 20, 2012

Your Blogs

Hi fellow CQ gals,  I have added two pages now, one for blogs, like Pat's and one for  the students and followers.   Please allow only one blog for we students and followers, I know sometimes we get carried away and that is the artsy in us.   Just let me know, however you want and I can add your blog.   I will check and see the followers and see if I have yours already.    I am slowing getting this together for us.  


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crazy Quilts

OK here we go on a fun and beautiful  adventure.  As you know Pat Winter has a class with Artful Gathering and we are so addicted now to crazy quilts.  Thank you Pat. 

Marilou suggested we have a team blog or one where we share and play and show our beautiful work. 

So here goes my friends and I will make this spiffy and make Pat proud of us. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what else is going on in my world of art and fellow Crazy quilters. .