Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi everyone:  Finally I finished my two Gatherings projects - I have to say that I enjoyed every minute even though some of the time I had no clue what I was doing. I've been kind of sidestepping hand embroidery all my life but decided to challenge myself.  Glad I did, but we had such a good teacher in Pat that it made the work much easier.

Thanks also to Annette for keeping us all together as we go along and make more lovely things.


Newest Creations of Denise

A couple of Denise's beautiful creations.   Her words will come soon in the meantime please enjoy looking at these cute little purses.  they are so pretty and wihs you could touch them and see their elegance. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TAA DAA Guess what is finished?

Hummm can't guess what is finished?  Will give you a hint it's name was the beast and it just grew and grew and now it proudly fits on our bed and still thinking if it stays there at night or we sleep on the floor. 

I will post the other pics of it on my other blog, don't want to bore you with the details but wanted to share with you the PILLOW !!!!!   Will I make another again?  You bet!  I am thinking about doing a couple or maybe four Stockings that were in Pat's magazine for Christmas. 

Thanks for looking at it and I even got my sewing machine out to put this beauty together.   I have been sewing the pieces together by hand while watching our baseball games. 

I do want to thank Janet Ghio my Roses friend of how many years Janet, Pat Winter, Shannon and Kathy for their lace and their goodies and just supplying a lot of these pretties.  Shannon and Kathy I cut y'alls beautiful lace in parts and hope didn't over decorate it .  I have that tendency, but love sewing on all those beads. Now I cannot forget Geraldinewith her pink flower buttons. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today  and my fellow author's worlds also.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hey Ladies ... I promised to share my stash from Trish with  Annette ....  so here are some of the goodies that I received... Tah Dah  !!!! Look at all those  butterflies and dragonflies... Magical  isn't it !!!!

I have a rainbow of gorgeous fabrics in all textures, ... silks, brocades, moires  etc. What a stash !!!!

I'm loving all those  yummy threads.... Aren't you !!!!  I can't wait to begin a new project .  I only have about a hundred on the go ( ha Ha).. but isn't it fun to create ... eventually, I do finish them all ... except for a few.( hee hee)

Trish filled my envelope with all sorts of roses, flowers  and lace embellishments  too... Now I need advice on what size of needle to use with the various types of thread... Goodness this crazy quilting is a happy education.  Hope you enjoyed opening the mail with me.

Visit me at:( ) ..." The Grand Lady " If you want to read my " Trish Stash " posting. Have a lovely week Ladies !!!

Sewing and Creating?

Hi dear ladies,

Just checking on you all making sure your muse is still at work and you are creating and sewing and drawing and just all round playing.   I think that is what it is, if we put to much pressure on ourselves I think it becomes work whatever creative art we create.

I am still working on my pillow and it slowly becoming not the beast but a butterfly.  LOL the main reason I did call it a beast though is because it is sooooooooooooooooooo much bigger than the purses I have been making.  Right now I am to the point of making the pillow that will hold the CQ top and finishing it up.  That may take longer than the playing and creating of it.  Sometimes that part does take forever or seems to.  

I have reorganized my art room and of course can't find my batting for my CQ, so will "have" to go to JoAnns or Hobby Lobby or some place and get the batting and you know as well as I do something else will call my name and I will have to put it in the basket to bring home and hide somewhere in here.   You know as soon as I come home with my purchases I will find the batting, that always seems to happen, at least in my art room it does.

Alright just checking on you soon with your creations.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world and it has no pictures today.  : ( 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A peek at the Beast of a Pillow

OK I will give you a peek at the Beast of a Pillow transforming into a beauty.  It is fun and a challenge and loving it  big time.

There you go a tiny peek.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  Some messy art today, art journaling and then tonight the Rangers play and I will bead again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Red and Yellow or Tisha's wonderful goodies

I have Tisha's wonderful  goodies in my little hands.   It is beautiful.  I ordered Red, Yellow and Blues  for a project for granddaughter for Christmas.  In March we bought her comforter, pillows, shower curtains the whole nice yards of these wonderful colors.  So Nana was going to create a beauty for her.  Well, we helped her move Labor day weekend, you know that is what you do that weekend is Labor.   Guess what?  She totally changed colors. Yep totally.  That is OK I know the fabric and pretties will talk to me and say "Annette why don't you make this and that?  "  I will already have the fabric and goodies to play with.   so I am not sad on that account.   Well, when I finish the PILLOW.   Right now I am calling it a beast of a pillow, I think it is winning right now.  BUT I will just keep on keeping on and then tame it down to being a beautiful Crazy Quilt Pillow and weighing only 1 million pounds.  DH ( dear Hubby) says we will need a hoist to get it off the bed, or gently just roll it off of the bed at night or give it a special place in the house for when it is not preforming during the day, making the bed glow.  And one more thing he said is we will have to wear sunglasses when we look at it.    He was on a roll last night while we were watching the Texas Rangers lose terribly. I won't go into it but the pitcher did not have his heart in the game at all. That is all I am going to say on that subject for this moment.  

Any way here is the beautiful stash I now own,  Allex you were going to get a pretty and colorful thingy is all I can say.  If nothing else I will paint a room or redo a room to go with the fabric.  I have no loyalty at all to any color well unless it is red or yellow or turquoise or magenta.  

So here it is and look into the future for something created with these colors and pretties.  I can see it, just have to do it now. 
Thanks for stopping in today and seeing what is going on in my world. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crazy Quilt Passion: My first purse is finally finished!!

Crazy Quilt Passion: Little Purse Strikes Again: I do believe these sweet little purses get under you skin. Here is another one that said "make me up, you have a clasp----do it " !!!!!! So ...


You know there are so many pretties out there in cyber world.  The choices are just mind boggling to me, more like a kid in a candy shop experience I suppose.  You know when you go to the store and they have shelves and shelves of not good for you goodies?  You touch every single one of them and pick them up and touch them and see something else and think OHHHHH I want that one?  That kind of candy shop experience.

Here I go writing like on my other blog,  I promised myself I would be tried and true on this blog and stick to the facts strictly the facts.  I guess kind of like on Dragnet the TV show of yesteryear. 

I have here some beautiful lace pretties I have gotten in the mail.   Now one of them was a contest gift and I didn't even know I was in the contest.   I received an email thru my website, see I have several things going.   I created it for when I was a professional photographer.  It is neglected but it is a contact to me and one of these days I will play with it.  Soon !!!

OK back to the contest,  I was the 600th follower.Now was that not a treat when I got the email?  It was from   Kathy  at shawkl.   Now girls I was excited like I had won the lotto.   I didn't even know I was in a contest so that made it sweeter.    

Here was my beautiful pretties.   In fact the middleish one I have cut up and put on my pillow I am making.   Can you not see lots of potential with these?   The beads you could put on them, not that they need them but you know I love those beads.  The bling, what is it a Raven that likes things that shine?  Was I possibly a Raven in another life?   THANK YOU KATHY !!!
Beautiful Laces, pillow worthy I do beleive.     These beauties are from sweetinspirations.   Are they not the prettiest colors?
Now one more set of pretties.  
These are from Ireland and the center flowers are hand crocheted, I do believe from our own Geraldine.  Can you imagine the little butterflys coming over the big pond to Texas?   These are saying to me bling me up please.   Kind of like Kirk saying in Star Trek----Beam me up Scotty.   
I promise you will be seeing all these pretties on my new Passion.
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Purse Strikes Again

I do believe these sweet little purses get under you skin. Here is another one that said "make me up, you have a clasp----do it " !!!!!! So I made one more.   

Now I have a nice order from Trish coming and it would be here if we had not been gone. We get our mail tomorrow and certainly will share that stash gathering as well as some pretties from Geraldine's shop and whatever else I have ordered and recieved.  I know we just go wild but it gathering is fun.  

I have some beading to do tonight on another project, what would I do during the baseball games if it were not for Crazy Quilting?    Just wanted to share with y'all and different colors for me again.  Man am I ever venturing out.   This was my last clasp this size so now onward and upward.   

I am still working on my pillow, so will share that soon.  

There you go.  Thanks for stopping by in my world and seeing what is going on today.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Free thread winder cards

Ladies, a friend just sent me this blog offering tons of free thread cards to print and use. Enjoy!