Friday, June 6, 2014

June is here

June is here already.    Here is my June block for CQJP.   I had created several ahead and so glad I did.   Sometimes life gives you surprises and you get bogged down.  But my little Faeries were there and ready to be created into something.   Sooooooooo here she is.
I used some little silk flowers on this one, I always remember Pat Winter says there are no rules.   Thank goodness.   So some silk ribbon flowers and of course a few hundred beads later this little jewel is done.  I hope you enjoy looking at "JUANITA".   I printed her up a little softer but the pinks and creams were ok with what I did.  
This blog note is a tad short but promise the next one will be longer.    Have a good week and oh my create something today even if it is pie.  Now I love pie so I will be able to smell it.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 


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    1. thanks you for commenting. Ellen, this is a wonderful Art form to do isn't it? We can just go off in many directions doing the same thing.

    2. BTW I love your knitting Ellen, I just never did have the patience for it and it is beautiful. I think I joined your blog I think. lol

    3. In case I didn't comment on your June block, it's stunning. You're just quick as a bunny. I'm really a slow stitcher . I think to much. Lovely ribbons.

    4. thanks Jeannette, I just don't think about them. If I do they fight me all the way. So I just let them go where they want. Hard headed little things aren't they?


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