Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some of This and That and the Skunk

Hello there, well here it is ending sort of July.    We had a dab of rain today maybe 2 tenths of an inch but will take it any day.    Some days we have the dog doldrums and just plod along in the Summer but we always seem to have little projects beside our regular doings in the Summer.    Our little surprise project is almost finished and can show you soon.   Here is a tad of things that was going on last week.

When we went to the parade of homes in June and there were lots of end of bed things and I thought I can do that.   So here it is.  I used some of the blue silk for the base and then had the pretty embellished silk and used it for the top, added gimp and lots of beaded trim and happen to have some pretty pins with lots of bling so added those.   I think it weighs maybe a ton or close to it but keeps the feet nice and toasty warm.  One we saw at the parade of homes was leopard fur with pins but no leopards for us.  It may be finished not sure.   I took it off of the bed and we thought it looked blah now without it.  

Here it is with the "Queen" pillow as we call it and some of the same silk on the pillow as on the end of bed doodad.    Now we only have 12 things to put on the bed every morning.   The good thing is though that we do leave the end of bed doodad on there.   That thing isn't going to budge.  I used an old comforter for the inside and thinking now maybe just  some of the polyester stuffing but who knows it may get replaced yet.   Probably not though. 
Now me and my doings,   I  was thinking we have two very comfy chairs and ottomans we happen to use every night while watching the Texas Rangers play and I thought they need to be spiffed up big time.  They are to good to chunk and I have never really made slipcovers for chairs.  So we got online and found a company with fabric we liked.  Well the first fabric was for outdoors and the lady said it might not wear as good as we would want.  She and I looked together on the computer and she said you know you might light this.  Well I loved it,  I just flopped the fabric  on the chair to see what it looked like and I love it and so does Hubby.  That is good enough for us.  Just needed something to add some cheer and life in there.   I went to JoAnn's, love that place, and bought 12 yards of muslin and am going to make a pattern first before I order the rest of the fabric.  The lady at JoAnn's said if I could make wedding gowns this is a piece of cake.  I will let you know while I am doing it.  Pictures to and may or may not pull my hair out.  Shouldn't be to bad if I take my time.  
Our living room rug, over the wood floors, is the cranberry color here and the turquoise is scattered around.  I did buy a new yellow and turquoise rug for the kitchen dining area.   Ya gotta wait for that one though.   Now I have to redo the chairs around the table, see?   Another project.

Next, the other morning when we were sitting outside the sun was shining here I love it.  One Bougainvillea is blooming it's heart out and the other one it trying.  We have several more scattered around the patio.  

 Just a couple of pics of some the West Texas greenery we have right now.   I am thinking the Croton will come in the sunroom when it gets colder.  We have one pot with three of them in it and then a watering can we painted turquoise with one croton in it.   We have some Hibiscus also but the tree one died. It was probably 10 years old but bit the dust this spring so just have a baby one now.  

One of the Mandavella  blooms, not sure of this one spelling but spell check wouldn't play with me so it is my spelling.   They are so pretty and love the heat and sun so heat and sun it gets.  We have tried to over winter them but the mealy bugs seem to invade them so they will be frozen little popsicles this winter.   

Now I did mention a skunk.   Our sweet Libby protects us at night and during the day from Dragons disguised as trash trucks and the coyotes that go down the alley, yep they really do run down the alley at night.   We heard Libby and thought ok she is protecting us.  Well she really was. 

Eldon is usually the early riser, I am not !!!!!   He said he opened the sunroom door and he knew instantly what it was-----Peppy  La Pew had been in the back yard.   Oh what a fragrance only to be loved by another skunk.   Do you remember a couple of years ago that Jewel and Libby got sprayed and we let them in the house before we realized it ?   Oh my what a smell.   Well we ran down to Pet's Mart and got some de skunk concoction and gave this baby a bath.  Last time we used peroxide and baking soda which worked well.   Libby's skin is so sensitive we thought this Pets Mart concoction might be better for her.  It was but we didn't put it on her snout and around her eyes.  They still smell like Peppy.  I have some cloths that I soak in baking soda and wipe the snout and the hair around the ears and hope that helps.  

Here she is tired after the bath but she is pretty and white again.  She is a protector for sure.   Good Libby.   Oh she is part Australian Shepard and Brittany .     Smart as a whip and is getting over our sweet Jewel going to Heaven.  For any that are worried she is very up on her Rabies shots 
There you go what has been happening in our world this week.  Thanks for stopping by and checking in to see.   

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