Sunday, January 25, 2015

The RED Shoes and CQ Blocks

Hello dear ones, well what have I been doing besides watching the snow fall?  Well I do wish we would have gotten more of the fluffy white stuff.  This last week got 2-3 inches but you know I guess we should be thankful for the moisture and not press our luck on wanting more snow.   What is the saying be careful what you wish for  ?   I have to say this softly just incase Mother Nature listens and say ok young lady I am fixin to give you more snow.  Wonder if she talks with a West Texas accent?   Hummmmmm something to wonder about.

Now my friend Betty from Australia sent me the cutest pics of her granddaughter Ava and her new red shoes and how she didn't want to take them off. So typical of sweet little girls and reminded me of a some red shoe and boot stories. 

One of our daughters had some red, plastic, leather looking boots when she was maybe 4ish.   Would not take them off and in the summer smelt to high heaven but she loved the boots.  Must be something about the RED?   She would push her doll's baby buggy around and all over the block, up and down the sidewalk with the red boots on.   Then we got beautiful granddaughter, we bought her some red sparkling Mary Jane shoes.   She stepped in a fish pond at a restaurant with them on, no problem just soggy shoes and then she out grew them and still wanted to were them.  So we got her a pair of red shoes #2.  There we go RED again.

   Now when I was doing  professional photography a grandmother came to her appointment with granddaughter.  The granddaughter was in tears. What a way to start a photography session.  I knelt down and said what is the matter little sweetie?  What could be wrong with you to bring tears.  You are at Miss Annette's, you get a sucker and a floating balloon and you have the magical RED shoes on?  She sniffled and thru sobs said her grandmother wanted her to take off the RED shoes that they didn't go with her white and pink dress.   Well I said they are magical shoes lets go in the studio and see what happens. The grandmother was not happy and I said it will be ok.     Lo and behold when the pictures came back the RED shoes were gone.  Now this was before Digital photography, you know the old fashioned film days when you really had to be creative.  Yes it could be done with film.  Shocking isn't it?

I  wish I could find the pics but it was an all white background, lots of lace curtains, a white little wicker rocking chair and pretty white and girlie pretties all around.  Well Miss Annette used white tulle to make the floor soft and fluffy and we just adjusted the tulle to look like white clouds and hid the RED shoes.  Yep made everyone happy especially the litte RED shoe sweetie and no tears or anything.

I know what a combination---Red shoes and Day of the Dead.  Does anything really have to be a perfect combination these days?   Nope don't think so.

I have been I guess on a kick of the Day of the Dead, party Heaven I guess. Sorry about the pun.    I joined a group   Crazy Quilt International and our little group of 5 is doing a 12 inch, yikes that is big, block of Day of the Dead.  Four of the ladies will work on the block and I will work on theirs and we all will have a finished block.  

Here is my block, I think I have enough color in it and I can see it all now this naked block transformed in to a block with lots of beads and flowers and creativity.   To me the naked blocks do not sing but will keep you posted on the transforming of this block.
I did do another block of the D o D for  the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2015 .  I thought I am going to do all 12 of the blocks with this theme.  So here is February's block .
TAAA DAAAA February's block.  Did you notice I like color?   You can hear the parting and all the love here.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Or as Grandson says down my bunny trails all over the place.

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