Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just Some Doings

Hello and Happy March.   Now it is March and spring is suppose to be around the corner.  RIGHT?  Don't think Mother Nature got the memo.   So many parts of our county are really getting pelted with the white stuff.  In fact Boston is just under 2 inches of having their record broken. We were saying no more for them but if it means breaking a record---go for it Boston.   Well even here in Texas as I type we are getting pelted.   It was rain, then sleet and now pretty big fluffy snowflakes.  Should be nice and icy in the morning. this morning was like 36 and by tonight should be in the low teens.    Now yesterday the temp was like 65 and in a couple of days they saw it will be that again.  So yo yo weather is upon us. All I have to say is I am glad we live in the South where it doesn't really get cold or ugly weather.  

The fur babies certainly love the snow.   Right now they are asleep and warm in their "sun room" and one of us, not naming names but is the newest member of the family, since September, still will not come in the doggie door if it is down.  So on most days it is taped up and a towel taped at the top to help keep it comfy for them.  We keep trying to teach him to come in, he will go out though.  Even fluffy Libby just gives him a big sigh and goes in and out a couple of times and then thinks oh well he is a goofy dog. 

We will continue to teach or try to teach him to come in uninvited.  During the cold and rain and nastiness we block the doggie door incase he goes out and we don't know it.  He has us trained so well.   When he insists to go out, a bird in the yard or a dragon going down the alley is usually the prompt for that action, we let him out and oh my goodness he won't bark or anything when he wants back in. 

We do keep an eye out for his sleek bouncing body though.  Like I said they have us trained.  He is sooooooo smart can basically teach him one maybe two times and he has it down. EXCEPT coming in the doggie door without being invited. 

Some of his foot prints, kinda pretty design.  Hummmmm maybe he is an artist?  You know how we are.  

 Pretty Libby just sighs and sometimes talks to us and like a big furry pillow when she is inside with the humans.

I had to show a couple of scenes of the backyard trees. But right now it looks like a friggin blizzard out there.   Oh I forgot we are where it is warm and doesn't get nasty. 

I had to show this pretty watercolor I won, yep started the year off winning a treasure.  Of course I think everyday is a winner, I mean we get up  don't we?  That is winner enough for me. 
Ana of Introverted Art painted this and I was a lucky lady.    Thank you Ana. 

I have been doing some Crazy Quilting, bet you knew that didn't you?   I had to show one of the pin cushions I made for a friend.   I have to make more of these. 

I am doing a round robin   on Crazy Quilt International and this one is a  little different  for me.  It is a 12 inch block and 5 of us are in a group and everyone works on one block. I think I made this one so everyone has 4 or so seams to play with.    I know it will sing and when I get it back I promise to show and tell. 

Well Miss Piggie here did another 12 inch block for the same Crazy Quilt international.  It is singing I know and when finished will show you how it is singing.  I love it there are 5 of us on this one and 4 are from Texas.  Get that.   Well 3 of us live in Texas and one is from Texas, we do let Texans live in other states at times.  Then we have one in Washington state but we have gotten her to say y'all and fixin'  she is converting. 

That is enough of me wandering down my bunny trails I don't want you to wear your eyes out but will back in a few days.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


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    1. Thank you Arlene it is fun isn't it? Thank you for stopping by. I am going to make a couple of pin cushions for a give a way so keep popping in. I don't think I have had one on this blog. oxoxox


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