Sunday, April 19, 2015

Looking into a Mirror Today

Hello and good April to you all.   I certainly hope the blog police don't come and get me.  I woke up this morning, that is a good thing to do and see yourself in the mirror and say you made another day,  and thought yikes I have not blogged for a few days.    So my peeps here it is.  
Now I have been doing things and promise not just sitting here at the computer snoozing all this time.  Spring is upon us and yea for that.   We have been doing some yard work and the poor outside pots that get to stay outside with plants that can take the cold weather----we guess what they were wimps and didn't take the freezes and snow very well at all.  Nope they were deader than a doornail.  Brown hard sticks with not a tiny tinges of green in them at all.  I did put out a humming bird feeder and to keep those tiny little things around until our red plants get to a nursery.   We know they like red tubular blooms.   Hang around little guys we are trying to help you.  
 I would take pics but if you like to see blurry pics to make you think your eyes are going koo koo I will but will wait til the wind calms down and show you how pretty our walkway looks.   The wind blows the little plants and they sway and dance around like little flower people.   Now those bee loving plants, don't know their name, made it thru the winter and blooming their heads off.  We did plant like 12 geraniums   in hot pink color to pop in color with the purple bee loving plants.  We read on the internet, always the internet for problem solvers, that geraniums  would help with the bees, we don't want to kill them maybe sway them to go somewhere else.   Being as yours truly is getting more and more allergic to insect bites.   Photos soon and of the faerie garden also, it got rearranged and naked ground but they survived the weather well.   Well the little beach house fell apart, pieces of it, and had to be glued back but on the whole the faeries did good !!!
You know we know that our bodies change every 7 years or so.  Don't think they are talking about diets and things like that though.   I use to not be allergic to things but oh my I am getting more and more so and hubby is still allergic to onions to the point of closing his throat up like crazy.  So I cook with no onions and we read labels like speed readers and tell waiters and waitresses to the point that if they want to give him mouth to mouth cut the onions.    LOL now that is to an extreme but I had to come up with something so they will really really listen.  I mean really listen.   Ok I have really wandered off the bunny trail on this one. 
I am still doing life book and this is one of Tammy's wonderful assignments.  This piece of watercolor paper will be cut in half, I think we were suppose to do it on two sheets but I figured one larger sheet cut in half works just as good and in a hundred years no one will know the difference.    This young lady is totally almost different  than what I do in expression but it is the one she wanted.   A fun assignment and was enough to get my hands dirty and my apron and glitter all over my face.  So I think a success and fun.   
I made this Finnabair inspired canvas for a friend .  I blocked out the faces could you tell?   I had a list of fun things to do, yep I have to make a list.  I am so glad to have learned this technique and did learn it I think last year at Life Book.   So much fun and just creative.   

I did do this Crazy Quilt block on a Round Robin I am in, where we embellish someone else's blocks and we send them around and just embellish one and this class has only 5 ladies so we got to embellish 1/4 of a block also.   So here is my block I did and some closeups.   Barbara  Scalise is the artist who made this block and it is a basket so I filled with flowers.  Close up is first then the whole block. 

This is my 1/4 of a block embellished    

These are the five blocks, 12inch by 12inch in size, that we did on a Day of the Dead Round Robin.  Each one of us worked on each one   They are just so fun and colorful and I think it will deserve a special place in my art room.  Just had to show it off.  

PLUS  I have been working on a portrait for a sweet friend of her hubby.  I think it is ready to apply color.  Funny doing a guy is so different to me than working on a lady.  Don't have a clue why but it is.  Hopefully next time or the next time I post you will get to see.  
There you go my bunny trail adventures and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

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  1. Annette, your work is always SO gorgeous! I could not find your email address, but wanted to let you know I just made a "One Lovely Blog Award" post and nominated this blog for the award. Thank you for sharing so much eye candy!


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