Monday, July 13, 2015

Missing in Action in Blog World

Hello and hope all are fine.  I have been missing in the Action of Life, well my computer has been in the hospital anyway.   Funny this is the first time ever that I have had a computer just be like a stubborn two year old and not want to play or cooperate at all.  We have had a computer since about and around 1985.  I guess this computer just wanted to be stubborn and not play.   It is mostly repaired so we will see what it wants to do next.  I bet none of you have ever had problems with you computer have you?    Did I see lots of you nodding out there that you agree with me?   Hummmmmm maybe that is why I am turning greyer and greyer in the hairdo area?   When they don't want to play correctly you are just tugging at your hair and thinking why am I doing this to myself?

I have been busy as a bee,  I promise.   I did have to look and see where I left off on the blog.  We have had lots of rain and I mean lots of rain---like over 4 inches last week.  It had been 2 weeks since we got to mow our yard so it was hot and dry today and off we went.   Thank goodness for a riding lawnmower is all I have to say.  Yep we still mow our yard and nope we are not tired of it.  When we get tired of it we will hire it done but until then we enjoy it and is our little exercise program for the two of us.   Eldon mows the front and I edge the front.  I mow the back and Eldon edges the back.  It is a great combination that we have and the yard doesn't wear us totally out when we finish doing it.  It usually takes about 3 hours and then we sit outside together and our fur babies and just enjoy the peace and quiet and seeing how the trees have grown since we have been here.   We planted 12 but one died so pretty good odds we think.   Besides the dragonflies and the faeries totally enjoy our Mother Nature time together out there.   When I use to iron a lot more that I do now, I enjoyed ironing and the thinking I could do while ironing.   Mowing is the same thing a good meditation time and enjoying our yard and what we enjoy in life and being thankful  for many things.   I won't bore you with the particulars on that subject.  

Now for the photography marathon. 

Of course Crazy Quilting is one thing I have done, that is continual and a every night dance with beads and threads and oh did I say beads?    I have done 12 blocks of the Day of the Dead celebration and making a wall hanging of it.   Here is July's block and closeup.  This is a project of choice with Kathy Shaw and the CQJP 2015.   Ladies from all over the world jump in and do 12 blocks of subject and size of their choice.  Just something fun to share with like minded ladies.  Makes me feel good that there are some ladies out there that think like me.  Scary isn't it?  I have met, even in person, several like minded ladies.   Watch out world there is more than one of me. 

This block they are truly having a PARTY!!!!!

Close up

The whole block.  Dominique recognize the skull block and Janet the skeleton charm?   I am blessed that so many artists share their wares with me. 

Now I am in a Round Robin where we sew together blocks of our choice and send all over the country and different ladies embellish them.  These are my blocks for an Under the Sea Theme.  All the "ciggies' /Silkies I have drawn myself.   One advantage of being an artist of different medias I suppose.  
Now I did do some projects with canvases and here are some of them.  A couple of paintings, of course for sale (the prints anyway) and one a gift for a friend's mother.   Finnabair style.  

The next two canvases are 30x40 , the same size as Tatonka.    Mr. Deer, thinking of " HiaMovi the Magnificent One".   This White Tail was one that grandson has and no matter which direction he stood you could not see all of his points.  

"Wind Dancer" is also a 30x40 and this beautiful horse is a she.   I haven't painted many horses, well two now, but was proud of her. 

So there you go, even though computer was ill I was not and still created to my hearts desire.   More coming in the works.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world


  1. Hi Annette, Love your gorgeous paintings. Really incredible works of art. You are one talented girl. Sounds like a busy and enjoyable time in your garden and yard. We do the same here and love it for the exercise. It is special to sit back and look at the view after a day of hard work.
    Your quilts are wonderful. Love the colors and the themes.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Wishing you a great week and happy creating.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  2. Annette, you have had lots of progress despite pesky computer issues. I love this Day of Dead potential, I've been following your blog for quite some time and wondered what you were up to, looks fabulous and your kitty is so peaceful!

  3. trying again. I think my first post disappeared. Anyway, I love your Wind Dancer Painting. Is it one you might put out as a silkie? My DGD, although she is a city kid, is crazy about horses and I would love to make her something with Wind Dancer on it.

    1. oh my thanks for the idea, never thought of a silkie for this baby. will do that xoxoxxo

    2. Fantastic. Would it be possible for you to make one that is bigger than your fairy ones - maybe 4"x6"?

    3. H Marilyn I can do that. Do you have a Facebook account and then I can get your address there in a private message or I can just post on Etsy for you and we can handle it from there. whichever is good for you. thanks for the interest. ox

  4. OOOhhhhh I love the colorful Day of the Dead block - my daughter has collected that artwork for years, that's how I know all about it.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and for your sweet comment on my little teacup watercolor pic. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Just popping into Annette to see what is happening in your world! Sometimes we are blessed when our computers are in hospital as it gives total focus on the things we love to create and you look like you have been having such a creative with so many diverse subjects here - the dead and the lovely animals!

  6. nice post, i totally agree with Cason "Great stuff. Personally I agree on the disabling comments. I hate people.
    Crazybulk Dianabol


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