Monday, December 10, 2012

Countdown to Christmas Nearing the Finish Line

Hi there CQer's! I hope you are all near ready for the upcoming holiday. Nearing the countdown to Christmas and this will be ready for gift giving as I'm ready to cut the back, make the lining and put this little gem together. This along with what seems like a zillion other things is almost there. Thought you might like a peek before I continue. Off to JoAnn's Fabrics to get something suitable for the back then I will get it ready to attach the purse frame. My dear friend loves birds and belongs to a "Bird Club" and now she will be able to attend meetings and get together's in "style". It sure has been fun to make and more with be springing forth eventually. I still have the 3 Bridal bags to finish (finished one) but they had to be tabled until the holidays are over. They are Keepsakes anyway and it will be along time before the young ones will be ready for that walk down the isle.
 A big thank you goes out to Pat Winter (link on the sidebar) for teaching this creative type of Art and if it hadn't been offered at the AG this last year I may have never taken it up. Hugs Pat!  xoxo
Off and runnin' still lots to do...........
Marilou of  Lulu's Lovlies


  1. This is so gorgeous!! If Pat teaches at Artful Gathering again this year, I just might have to take that class!

    1. Hi Janet, Pat isn't teaching this next year but the DVD she has for sale on her Etsy site is just like the class. it is wonderful and will teach every bit of what you need in CQ. With your needle work abilities you will be a wiz at it. xoxoxo

  2. Hi Marilou love your beautiful bag, the colors are so nice and rich. I know your friend will love it also.

  3. That is (going to be) a gorgeous jewel-tone bag! It is perfect for a bird lover.

  4. Thank you Janet, Annette and Connie! I'll post the bag when completed, I'm lovin' it so far. This is only the third CQ piece I have even created so I'm hope to get better:)
    Hugs to all. xoxo Marilou

  5. Wow, your friend is going to love it!

  6. Beautiful Marilou! I am busy stitching away in my studio these days...when I'm not visiting mom and mother in law, cleaning up after hubby who is off until Jan 2nd, shopping......etc.....I'm asking Santa for longer hours in a day.

  7. Bridal collection is incompelete without a clutch or purse. swarovski crystals on a purse completely suits any bridal collection.


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