Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hi Everyone:  This past week I received an order from Fancy Crazys that was way past being ok. She showed a selection of fabrics in blue (set up in photo in pinwheel fashion). They all looked great. I paid $10 and when they arrived only a very few were the same as the photo. A number of them were unusable totally ugly prints that would not be suitable for CQ. or for washing your kitchen floor.   I wrote her to tell of my displeasure and gave her several days to reply. She did not, so in fairness I am giving fair warning. I hate doing this, but..............I also hate being cheated.

I also received an order from Gypsy Feather which was outstanding. She has some Embellishment kits that are beyond awesome. They come in a "gift box" with clear window all set up in a beautiful arrangement and tied with a lovely bow. Too pretty to even open up, but you know I will.  Her fabrics were also 20 times nicer in person than in the photo online which is saying something.  I can't say enough about the quality and presentation of her goodies. 

Thankfully, I can say the first order mentioned is the only time I have had to leave a negative comment. 
You all have a wonderful weekend!    Denise


  1. Always good to know Denise:)
    Hugs Marilou

  2. Thanks Denise it is very helpful when we all look out for each other. I am so sorry about this experience for you. BUT you got a wonderful one and that makes your heart feel good that there are many great vendors out there. Hugs and thanks again. xox


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