Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Annette

The beautiful pkg and handmade card
Lovely laces and doilies
Trims and star quilt squares
A beautiful Crazy Quilt Square
Love the little CQ especially from you! 
Sequin waste for stenciling

Not to long ago I received some "Happy Mail" from one of my blogger friends, and all I can say is "Annette" you are awesome and I love all of it, everything you mailed me is a treasure and I will be having lots of fun creating with it!  Thank you, thank you so much! So here are all the goodies for you all to enjoy and I will say the last but not least is most special to me as it is a sweet square of Crazy Quilting made by Annette and I will keep and cherish it and be able to incorporate into one of my fabric journals!  Happy Mother's Day, this page is for you!!  Love you! Mean it!
Hugs Annette, you rock!   xoxoxo
PS.  Annette,  I love the beautiful backround you added to " all of our CQ blog" Such a pleasure to post on!


  1. Hi ML glad you liked the Happy Mail. I don't have tons of stash but love to share it. I love going to estate sales, just an acquired past time and see what I can find something they discard and I find a treasure. Have a great day xoxo

    Gotta work on the header but that is for another day : )

  2. Your so welcome Annette, everything is beautiful and the. Blog looks beautiful as well.
    Hugs and Happy Mothers Day!


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