Sunday, May 19, 2013

Feathers and Sequins everywhere

Well really really not feathers but a thread rendition of feathers.   Peacocks---- they are beautiful birds.  They are noisy and I read where they were Royalties'  watch dogs.  Such magnificence strutting around, but the poor female bless her heart not as colorful.  I have often wondered why Mother Nature, which I have now drawn a face for, did that to the birds?  Only she knows, maybe for protection?

I was gifted a pattern for a Peacock and had it for a while and thought OK Annette lets see what I can do with this.  Well I created it and now working on a block with this beautiful bird.   Of course the block is going to have the beautiful blue on it, no subdued colors for this guy. 

After doing him  and now I know it is a he, I worked on the body but it looked pretty ratty so I just got my colored pens and kind of drew it in.  I may or may not work on it some more or maybe another one is in the future. That is probably what is going to happen. 
So I am trying to make my CQ skills grow and just enjoying all forms of art right now.  So thanks for popping in and more in the CQ world is coming for us all.  Such a talented group of artists.
Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. Hi Annette just popping in to say "hi" and to see what beauty you are creating! This rendition of the male peacock is so clever! You really have done such a lovely job and chosen the perfect blue thread for him!
    Spring wishes,

    1. thanks Suzi glad you like the peacock I now have him finished on a block, well maybe who knows, I may go back and add more LOL


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