Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Strutting Peacock

June!!!!!! Already half of the year has flown by.  I hope y'all are creating and doing art in some form or fashion.  Gardening and cooking is art also so not to slight that medium either. 

I have finished this square for CQJP13 but just had to share it with you.  Instead of a ciggie I used this peacock I made first.  Then I thought oh my the rest of the block will have to shine to go with the peacock.  I tried to hold down the beads and embellies as not to outshine the birdie.  It is 9x9 from edge to edge and what maybe a ton of beads?  It was hard not to put more. 

The shine of the sequins almost gets us and I didn't do much to the body it looked ugly so just used a pen .  I did do his wings though.  It was fun and the button area was just nude without beads.
I just cannot get enough of CQing that is just simple as that.  Gets in your blood doesn't it? 
There you go what is going on in my world today.  


  1. what a lovely piece!
    I love your seam treatment and the ribbonwork is wonderful!

  2. Wow Annette, that is the most beautiful one. You have completed! lovely work, I need to get busy, just finished a scarf project so now I can get back to my CQing in the evening, I have missed you lots lately, wish you were closer, how is the move going?
    Been warm here, I have the pattern and stuff to do a peacock but haven't attempted it yet, I really need to get focused, you need to nag be to get me motivated as once I start CQing I love it. Do you do FB, if so find me. Lol
    Gotta run get stuff done before the heat sets in. Love ya lots, xoxo Marilou

  3. Beautiful piece and it's about time I found your blog. Didn't know about it until now.. How beautiful it is. Wow.. hugs and love, xoxoxo


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