Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Carrying on Crazy Quilting and a bit of recycling

As Annette reminded us it is a year since we were infected with the CQ bug at Pat's Artful Gathering class.  I would like to share some bits I have made since then with you, first of all a bag that started life as my friend Sabrina's olive green velour skirt.  
I cut the hem off the skirt, turned it into a shoulder strap and added a pink zip (Sabrina likes pink!)  It was missing a bit of WoW so I made a front pocket from a crazy quilted block.   If you look closely you might notice that the seam embroidery is done on a machine.  Please don't faint!  I have a very good excuse! 

 My local embroidery machine dealer asked me to make some samples for her to use at the Knit and Stitch show in Dublin so I am showing what stitches the machine can do NOT what I can do.  All the lacy embellies were made on my embroidery machines - that's what I like about Cqing - you can incorporate all your own bits and pieces into your creation.  I also made this heart for the show - you wouldn't believe the amount of stuffing that went into it..

Then I got hold of Pam Kellogg's strawberry pattern and made this 
Here is the link to Pam's lucious pattern if you would like to make one yourself 

As usual the crochet is my own work.   Hope everybody is having a lovely summer stitching away.  Yes, Sabrina did get her CQ bag back (after 1000's saw it) and she is thrilled with it.
Geraldine x


  1. je craque littéralement sur le coeur et la fraise de Pam Kellogg . vive le crasy !! douce journée

  2. je craque littéralement sur le coeur et la fraise de Pam Kellogg. vive le crazy !!! douce journée

  3. Oh my friend Ger, love love what you are doing. The way you emblished the flower is beautiful. Such eye candy on all pieces. Can you believe it has been a year? I think one of the best things is I am now friends with you , getting to know you better and just always the best part of these classes. Thanks for posting such beautiful work. xoxoox

  4. Geraldine; You sure carried on nicely from Pat's class, What lovely work you are doing. Love that you can also crochet to add charm to your projects. Using your emb. machine worked great - I will have to try it on the seams. I Have made some lace on the emb. machine -you might want to try it.
    Hugs, Denise

  5. Geraldine, you have made some beautiful items. So happy to see you enjoying CQ.

  6. Hi Geraldine. Love your beautiful crazy quilted heart and using your machine for embroidery, the embroidered beading looks so lovely too as well as the hand crocheted pieces on the strawberries.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my WBC post - I'm wishing you luck for the Giveaway,
    Have a great week,


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