Friday, January 3, 2014


Hello hello, here we go another start of another year.   I hope you all create to your hearts content this year.  

I have just finished my 2013 CQJP.   I just mainly made a book, front and back covers newly done and put a pretty spine on it.   What am I going to do with it?   No one knows, who knows when I go to heaven they may sell it in a garage sale for $1.   I did make it so it can be cut apart for other projects.   Who knows I many get a wild hair and cut it apart and sell on Etsy.   It is done though and loved every second of it.

Did you notice I used one of my Faereis on the front.   Love those little gals.
I have started 2014 CQJP and have my first one finished.   I made it smaller 5x7 but not sure that will be the size for the whole book.  Kind of like sizing down when I scrapbook.   From giant to 12x12.   IT was hard to do.

Now believe it or not it is all white, so many shades of what but it is white.   I had to use one of my faeries on this one also.   I printed her on silk and made the colors almost "not" so was perfect for this white block.   I had to add some bling thread to her hair to go with the shimmer and shine of the whole block. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  




  1. Oh lovely finish! and I really like that fairy block--I am laboring to try to find nice colors of threads on my CQJP2014 and what stitches to use--so far just some blanket stitching print fabrics are throwing me off--geeze--should have used plain ones throughout--well--it will be a challenge for sure. Hugs, Julierose

    1. thanks Julie. don't think about the colors or stitches just jump in there. Use a contrasting color or any color and it will pop and give it some life. Or that is what I do. Hugs and good luck it will turn out wonderfully and if you hate it add a ton of beads that always give it a new life. You notice I use a nice amount of beads? xo

  2. Love your crazy quilts. Inspirational!


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