Friday, July 27, 2012

I've been stitching!

I have been stitching up a few things. A water bottle holder and a purse. My muse may have returned.....I missed her.
I have to assemble both yet, but I started on Wed afternoon, so I was doing marathon stitching so I could take them to my friend while visiting next week.
 Treating myself to a few of Shannon's beautiful fabrics was also inspiring along with all of your sweet purses.


  1. Beautiful colors Pat, so victorian and soft. I am so glad your muse came to vist you, sometimes I think they just get tired. do enjoy your visit nest week you have certainly deserved. xox

  2. Hay Pat, Your new projects are gorgeous as usual. I love Shannon's fabrics. I have 3 project to use her fabric and dyed appliques. Oh, yours are just too pretty for words. WOW

  3. Knock, knock, let me in here I am!!!!! Marilou xoxo

  4. Hi, Pat: Love the purse. It's exquisite as always. I'm so happy to hear that your muse is back! YIPPEE!!!! I hate when that happens, but they always seem to return. I hope you having a great time with all the students in your 2nd class. Have a great weekend. Linda


Thanks for stopping by and commenting and sharing your work. You know how we love these and makes our hearts happy for the day. xo