Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Karrin's First Case

I finished my first case yesterday, but due to computer issues have had trouble posting.  My case is going to be my cellphone case, which I usually have clipped to my waist.  I made it so I can still clip to my waist by attaching a hook thing from an old cell phone case.


  1. Beautful and ingenious. Jeannette

    1. Yea Karrin, this turned out so pretty, the design and the colors. Like I said you will have the fanciest cell case around. So good you go the computer going in your direction also about posting on here. Now to go see about your Oyster Stitch. have a good day. xoxoxox

  2. Hi, Karrin: Love the case and the hook. I was going to ask you where you got the hook. I've been trying to find something like that for my husband's eyeglass case and can't seem to find them anywhere. Any ideas anyone? Linda

  3. Oh Karrin, I love the clip!!!!!!!!


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