Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting the Ball Rolling

Hello  girls,  I will get the ball rolling here and post one of my just finished purses from Pat's class. I did learn on this one and expect to make many more.   Had to use one of my bees I made also, he has to keep the flowers rounded up, guess like a herd of cattle or sheep?  

The purse finished, see the little bee at the bottom right?  Buzz buzz.

Here it is  before I sewed it together.    I think that I got the pretties to close to the edge but this first one was a learner and will remember that.  Guess that is the best way to learn is just do it.  Now I am sounding like a Nike ad aren't I?   They are right though. 

Any of you fellow CQers  that would like to put posts on here, if I figured correctly, to show and tell you know , just let me know and I can invite your email to play along.    I am new at this part but bet I can figure it out.  Of course comments are loved but want yall to post also.    Will try and get some music on here to, I don't want it to be like a museum and be dead silent.  

So glad we are going to keep in touch here at Crazy Quilt Passion.   Hugs and have a great day.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on at Crazy Quilt Passion xox


  1. Hi fellow CQer, found it!! Have nothing to post but let us know how we get in to do it. Thanks sweets, it looks great, good job! Hugs and love you, Marilou

  2. Whoops Your purse is beautiful and I love the colors!! Yummy, Hugs Marilou

  3. Yea you found it and I sent an invite, not sure how that works but we will figure it out. xo

  4. I love it! The colors are awesome, this is what we CQer's call "Encrusted" very nicely!

    1. Oh Pat, good to know there is a place for me in the CQers world. Encrusting, that is for me I guess. xo

  5. I love it Annette it is beautiful!

  6. I think your bag is so very pretty Annette!!!

    I am going slow because I am learning some of the CQ stitches
    for my little bag. Oh yes and the ribbon flowers too!
    For me it is a bit as I have problems with my vision..but, I am determined to learn!!:)

    I hope you have a great day!!



  7. Wow, Annette your clasp bag turned out wondefully. It so bright. I like the colors. They sure would cheer me up on a gray winter's day.

  8. Thanks girls, I know putting these kits together is a pure talent and Pat makes it look so easy. Guess that is why I chose this one because of the cheerfullness of it. Now on to more stitches and playing. xoxo

  9. Hi, Annette: Thanks for adding me. LOVE the bag and the bees. There's a LOT of detailed work on your purse. WOW! It's just beautiful. You guys must really be enjoying Pat's second class. I'm sooooo jealous! Linda


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