Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Purse Strikes Again

I do believe these sweet little purses get under you skin. Here is another one that said "make me up, you have a clasp----do it " !!!!!! So I made one more.   

Now I have a nice order from Trish coming and it would be here if we had not been gone. We get our mail tomorrow and certainly will share that stash gathering as well as some pretties from Geraldine's shop and whatever else I have ordered and recieved.  I know we just go wild but it gathering is fun.  

I have some beading to do tonight on another project, what would I do during the baseball games if it were not for Crazy Quilting?    Just wanted to share with y'all and different colors for me again.  Man am I ever venturing out.   This was my last clasp this size so now onward and upward.   

I am still working on my pillow, so will share that soon.  

There you go.  Thanks for stopping by in my world and seeing what is going on today.


  1. Annette, Love you purse. So rich looking. Yes, they due get under your skin. I have 3 finished,1 almost finished and 2 more to go. Can we say obsession? :)))))


    1. Yes (Je)annette we can say OBSESSION and I love it. Can't wait for my mail to come tomorrow I know there are some pretties in it. Have a great evening.ox

    2. Absolutely precious Annette.

  2. Wonderful Annette! It is just so lovely!

  3. This is cute, looking exotic too!....Christine

  4. Oh La la-- Very Parisienne looking..Love the vibrant reds.. Good for you.. The purses are sooooo cute.... I too, am waiting for my package from Trish...I'll share photos when it comes...Miss all you ladies...Hugs

  5. Annette, this purse is lovely, and the colors are very striking . So. Okay . I just now finished my FIRST little purse / case from Pat's class. I made a few mistakes, like over embellishing it to the edges and top. So I had to add fabric on top, which made it hard to see the seed beads to the clasp, because of the seam. Anyway, I am finished. So I would love to post it onto your site . How do I ?
    Hugs Kay, ps I sew while I watch baseball too.

  6. Wow, Annette: Another beautiful purse. Where do you get the time to create so many beautiful pieces. Are you crazy quilting in your sleep? What's the secret.... Linda


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