Thursday, September 6, 2012


You know there are so many pretties out there in cyber world.  The choices are just mind boggling to me, more like a kid in a candy shop experience I suppose.  You know when you go to the store and they have shelves and shelves of not good for you goodies?  You touch every single one of them and pick them up and touch them and see something else and think OHHHHH I want that one?  That kind of candy shop experience.

Here I go writing like on my other blog,  I promised myself I would be tried and true on this blog and stick to the facts strictly the facts.  I guess kind of like on Dragnet the TV show of yesteryear. 

I have here some beautiful lace pretties I have gotten in the mail.   Now one of them was a contest gift and I didn't even know I was in the contest.   I received an email thru my website, see I have several things going.   I created it for when I was a professional photographer.  It is neglected but it is a contact to me and one of these days I will play with it.  Soon !!!

OK back to the contest,  I was the 600th follower.Now was that not a treat when I got the email?  It was from   Kathy  at shawkl.   Now girls I was excited like I had won the lotto.   I didn't even know I was in a contest so that made it sweeter.    

Here was my beautiful pretties.   In fact the middleish one I have cut up and put on my pillow I am making.   Can you not see lots of potential with these?   The beads you could put on them, not that they need them but you know I love those beads.  The bling, what is it a Raven that likes things that shine?  Was I possibly a Raven in another life?   THANK YOU KATHY !!!
Beautiful Laces, pillow worthy I do beleive.     These beauties are from sweetinspirations.   Are they not the prettiest colors?
Now one more set of pretties.  
These are from Ireland and the center flowers are hand crocheted, I do believe from our own Geraldine.  Can you imagine the little butterflys coming over the big pond to Texas?   These are saying to me bling me up please.   Kind of like Kirk saying in Star Trek----Beam me up Scotty.   
I promise you will be seeing all these pretties on my new Passion.
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. Congratulations on your win! Those are some lovely pieces & I'm sure you will be creating even more loveliness with them.

  2. Hi Annette! I'm your newest follower and so glad to have met you via Zaa at The Grand Lady - crazy quilting and all these textile pretties - I am agog, to be sure! Love this and only wish I had all the disposable time on my hands to put myself to it more diligently. As it is, I spend a lot of time - and some money - collecting these pretties as I find them, stockpiling them for that someday over the rainbow. Following you with all your grand resources and hopefully - some how-to's - and the scads of inspiration for ideas - perhaps a lovely winter project of my own. I'm thinking wall hanging? Too much for a first time out? Okay - maybe I'll dress up a thrift store purse find.
    Joy to you!
    Kathy at The Writer's Reverie

    1. Oh no Kathy I don't think a wall hanging might be to much, you know it does't have to cover the world just maybe an 8x10 like my first one, lol things tend to grow on me though but I did hold it down for the first piece. Thanks for joining our blog and there is a lot of talented ladies here. pretties are just begging to be added to our stash. xo

  3. Hi Annette: Wow, lucky you to get some pretties when you were not expecting them. Always fun to add to the stash. I know I love looking thru my lacies. I have many from Kathy, with another couple in mind to get. Enjoy each and every one of them. Hugs,

  4. Uh oh! Stash building...once you start..............Yeah! Beautiful goodies from some of my favorite vendors.

  5. Lucky girl... Love those little butterflies...and so the stash keeps growing ...>>>FUN ..FUN ..Fun...Hugs

  6. Hi, Annette: Don't you just love looking at all your stash goodies? Sometimes I think the supplies look too pretty to use.... LOL Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Linda

  7. Hay Annette, Congrats. Couldn't happen to a nicer lady. All those beautiful laces and sew ons. Bet you can't wait to start using them. Enjoy.



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