Thursday, November 29, 2012

Works in Progress or what am I going to be?

You have to remember I create these while Baseball and now action shows are on. Lots of action the better in my book, no girly shows for me. : )  So sometimes I do get carried away but after learning this wonderful art form I think there is no such thing as to much.   While in my art room  and playing with my "messy" work I am thinking I can be doing CQ so it just goes hand in hand with me.  I have my sewing machine all set up in my art room and can just play with either media.  

This sweet purse is trying to decide if it wants a handle and fringe or what is wants to be when it grows up to be a purse. Of course I love these colors and the little critters that we can put on them.  I am thinking some fringe will give it a tad more bling.   Love that word.  BLING 


The 75% finished pillow, I branched out and did different colors than I usually work with for my personal use. I don't have a clue what I am going to do with it, finish it and put up in a box  or sell it? I did have to challenge myself though and work with these soft and yummy colors.  Now Pat did say that it is hard to work in colors you don't normally use, I think she said that it is what my ears heard anyway.  Do your ears always listen to what is being said or do they interpret what you want them to hear?   I think sometimes mine do. 

Had to show some of the "critter's " on here a little closer. Now my spider almost looks like it could be something giant and growing but nope just some little beads and thread. I do love putting these little additions on the CQ work.  I think the hardest thing is to know when to stop or just keep going until it weighs 100 pounds.  Now if you have read my other blog at anytime you know sometimes I do get carried away with things like the little spider growing and taking over the world just little things like that.  Sorry my fingers just get carried away sometimes.  

Now some little love birds were added, so sweet I did add some beads on their neck and thought better about putting red beadie eyes on them. They do have mean looking eyes and I don't know why unless they are always on the hunt for food and predators.

NEXT PLEASE , like the CQ works of art are actually standing in line wanting to be talked about. 

Now this next pillow is in sections, don't have a clue what happened to the whole pic and thought maybe with Christopher's lips perhaps?  This I am referring to a sketch or part of a sketch I did of Christopher Lambert.  His lips have disappeared also but actually I have erased them many times trying to get right.   Maybe like the dish ran away with the spoon in the Nursery Rhyme?   The lips and the pillow pic are off having a great time.   Told ya I do get carried away sometime.

There you go my CQ work for a few days.   I am trying my hardest not to get burned out and spend every second on it so I will get burned out.  I do love it and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in the CQP world.   I know some of the other authors have been creating also.  



  1. Well I'm lovin' this one you are working on Annette and the colors are so soft, just yummy to me! Back to work and thinkin' 'bout cha! xoxo Marilou

    1. thanks Marilou, anxious to see what you are working on. xo

  2. I'm sorry to say ANNETTE, no matter how many hours you put into CQ, somehow it haunts you and calls you back.
    Beautiful work. I love the pastel with the brighter accents in the center then sprinkled about. Very striking!

    1. Thanks Pat, I am afraid you are right. It is sitting there calling my name and saying come on girl you know you want to play with the pretty fabric and beads.


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