Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Early drawing of the CPFs

Hello, greetings and salutations,

We are running away early so my drawing on my other blog ---annettegraves.blogspot.com  was held.  I called these CPFs   Creative Pieces of Fabric.  Can't throw any of these treasures away they are created from the "scraps" of my treasured fabric.  I know y'all have some  fabric just like  me.   Recycle or whatever you want to call it  CPF is now in my vocabulary. 

I hope the drum rolls weren't to loud and woke you up.    We have two winners   Terri Daugherty and Introverted Art.  

I will have other drawings this is just to much fun.  

Thanks for stopping by today and seeing what is going on in our world of Crazy quilts


  1. Congrats to the Winners Annette they are beautiful! Have a fun trip where ever you may be taking off to. Hugs Marilou

    1. Thanks Marilou, we are going to help grandson and grandaughter move into a house together. He got a promotion and moving to another state-Oklahoma and she is going to college and her lease ran out so they will be living together. Do you think there will be some brother sister squabbles? It will be a fun and work trip but will get lots of hugs. xoxoxo

  2. Lovin' what you have done with the CPF's! Great way to use up those glamorous scraps.
    Enjoy your trip and dont work too hard.
    Ger x

    1. thanks Geraldine, it will be work but from the heart for the Grands. oxox

  3. Hay Nette,

    So nice of you to have a drawing with you bookmarks. They're really bright and happy. Just what we all need sometimes.

    I ordered Pat's new mag and also got the ditigal. Girls wait until you see your creations. They turned out so well Makes me proud that I spent 12 weeks with all you this summer. Just splendid! And in the back Pat's did something very nice. I let you see it when your mag arrives.

    Really missing you all. Enjoy the holiday weekend and keep on CQ.


    1. Hay back at yourself Nette, I should be getting the magazine soon they sent a notice that it is shipped. Can't wait.
      Have a great Labor day weekend.

  4. Hi Nette, I got a notice mine has been shipped too. It's going to be a great magazine. Of courese, that might be because we're all in it. Have a wonderful holiday. Missing ya all



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