Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thought You Might Enjoy Reading This...

I wrote this for my Linda's Blog. Thought you might enjoy reading it over here.

My Crazy Quilting Passion - So What Will These Supplies Become? 

I've been rather busy the past few weeks working on some of my blogs and some of my websites, but I've managed to get some shopping in.

 Oh, what a surprise, Linda? There's always time for shopping! Right?

 Now you might be wondering exactly what kind of shopping  I did and what is it for?

 As to where I went shopping -  if you know me it's a combination of letting your fingers do the walking and actually getting in the car and going retail shopping.

 What it's for has to do with my new found crazy quilting passion and gifts for the holidays. Since some of it is for gifts this holidays season I don't want to spoil the surprise for the recipients so you'll just have to guess what I might be making out of all of the things I bought.

 So, what did I buy?
Well, we have some whites........
We have some creams......
We have some beautiful golds....
We have some elegant silvers....
The ever formal and traditional blacks.....
Some linings perhaps.....
Maybe some pink lace edging can be used somewhere?
How about some delicate green and black lace edging?
It might even be time to utilize the beautiful lace from my sister's friends' old wedding gown....
I really hate cutting such a beautiful gown, but the lace is just gorgeous....
Wouldn't you agree it's perfect for some crazy quilting piece(s).....
How about some amazing trims and embellishments from Flights of Fancy....
I didn't forget the dragonflies.....
Some cording and straps from Joanns.....
Some beautiful florals from Pamela Amundson of theDelightfuldesigner on Etsy...
Some exquisite trims from Pamela Amundson of theDelightfuldesigner on Etsy...
Colorful silk ribbons from silkribbons4you on Etsy.....
Maybe some of my own ribbon trims might be put to use.....

Maybe even some of my lace trim stash.....
Perhaps something from my bridal floral stash.....
Didn't forget the threads from Joanns..... I haven't had time to shop for Kreinik threads yet....Don't worry, however, I will.....
Or, maybe I might even use some of the buttons from my stash.....

I can hardly wait to get started on this crazy quilting idea.

First, I have to develop my patterns.  That's right there's a plural (s) in there.  Can't exactly give everyone the same style. Can I?  They compare after all....

 So, I'm left to developing a general pattern that I can modify here and there.

 Have any idea what all the above is going to make? Stay tuned.

For sure it will be revealed after the holidays.... I know, I know that's a long time to wait.  But, I don't want to give away the gift surprise.

Well, maybe I'll show you a few things between now and then. We'll see.....


  1. Awesome post Linda and you have been busy. I love how it is all organized too. Wonderful stash, I bet you are making purses of various sizes. lol Hugs and have fun, love ya, Marilou

  2. wow Linda, how beautiful it all is and so organized, man I want to come and play with all your pretties with you. I will certainly add your blog to our list my dear and will make sure that your suppliers are on here also. How exciting and can't wait to see what all you make. xoxoxo

  3. Hi, Annette and Marilou: I can hardly wait to get started on these. You're right Marilou they're going to be formal clutches/purses that my granddaughters, nieces, sister, daughter-in-law and sisters-in-law can use for formal affairs. I'll take pictures as I go along and will post them over here. Can't post them to my Linda's Blog as that would give the surprise away. Hope you're enjoying Pat's second class. I miss you guys. Have a great day. Linda

  4. Hi Linda,
    So good to hear from you. Miss you this session. Looks like you have been kind of" busy "stashing up". I like the way you did it. Very practical and you knew what color pallets you wanted so you bought for those colors.

    What do you have your lace, buttons, etc in? Are you using cross stitch floss boxes? You so organized. My trim were so neat, but now it's big mess. I think I'll go organize it today.
    Just so glad to hear from you.....

    Blissfully yours,

  5. That's a good question (je)Annette Linda's threads look so pretty that way,

  6. Hi, Jeanette: It was nice hearing from you. I have been busy "stashing" and "shopping." Hubby keeps telling me we need to get rid of stuff not add to it! LOL LOL Tis the life of a crafter I say....... I used the cross-stitch little 1-2" squares to wrap the ribbons, trims, and laces. I had bought them years ago thinking I'd organize my floss that way. Never got around to it and when I saw they would be useful for all my crazy quilting supplies I repurposed them. The containers I bought at a store called" The Container Store." Not sure if it is a national chain or not but I LOVE it there. I could spend hours just looking at all the containers. Hope your 2nd class is going well. Have a great day. Linda

    1. The Container Store is located in Texas (Nette, you neck of the wooods). I just bought a lap test they sell. Lid opens for a little storage and the sides fold down. It is not real wide across, but fit me ok. But we were talking about your container. I will have to check it out. Thanks. Jeannette

  7. Hi, Annette: I could sit for hours just looking at all the beautiful trims and lace embellishments. Sometimes they look to pretty to use. You can't really tell from the pictures, but the lace on the wedding dress is just beautiful. My sister's friend gave it to me years ago. She was going to pitch it as she was divorced and didn't want it. Not only is the lace beautiful, but the dress is fully lined and is a beautiful white satin. Such a shame to cut a wedding dress, but boy what a great crazy quilt piece that will make. Have a great day. Linda

    1. Oh but then you will be giving the dress a new and happy life. The lace looks so pretty on it and I know you will create something beautiful out of it. xo

  8. Oh Linda, what a treasure chest of supplies! I felt myself start to hypeventilate while looking at all of the pretty things you have gathered for CQ. I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you create from all these goodies!

  9. Wonderful stash Linda, I see many projects in your future. Don't you love Delightful Designer. So many pretty things in one place. Have fun!xo

  10. Hi, Terri and Pat: I'm so happy you like my treasure chest. I've got plenty of supplies now and I'm looking forwarding to "playing" with them. The problem is they just look so pretty all together that I hate to break them up! LOL LOL I think I have enough materials to keep me busy for a long, long time. Oh, what a happy crazy quilter I will be. Have a great day. Linda

  11. Pat, I just LOVED Delightful Designer. You could spend many, many, many hours shopping there. So many beautiful trims and embellishments. Linda

    1. Linda I just looked at all 36 pages of Delightful Designer, wow you hit the jackpot there, so many pretties. I could order almose some of everything. Thanks for telling us about it and Ihave added to our side bar here also. xoxo Annette

    2. Watch out, Annette - you could spend a LOT of money there! LOL LOL She has some beautiful trims and embellishments. You may have to do a show and tell post, too. :) Linda

  12. Who could possibly resist all these lovelies! Lots of inspiration here....

  13. Wonderful statch and well displayed. You will be able to find just what you want when you need it!

  14. Holy cow! you have some serious stash. Love your blog.

    1. doesn't she though Linda would you miss some if we came to visit? Or better yet we will help you sew and visit. xo


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