Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Karrin's Third Case

I just finished my third case, as a gift to my granddaughter Kyleigh who turns 12 next week.  She is my special girl and my only granddaughter.  Am taking her to lunch today and am filling the case with a necklace, and a gift card to her favorite shop "Forever 21".    Karrin


  1. Oh how gorgeous this is!! You are one talented lady and a generous grandma making lovely memories for your special sweet girl! Happy upcoming birthday to your darling..wow, 12! My special girl was 8th., June 19th and I posted her birthday party. Hope to see her next week. Thank you for your lovely comments. Hugs,

  2. BEAUTIFUL is the best word I think to describe this. The little surprises on it. She will love it. You are a talented lady as Fabby says I do agree. xo

  3. Gorgeous colours, Karin. Love the latticework in the bottom left corner. A present to be treasured forever.
    Ger x

  4. Beautiful Karrin. I also love the lattice work on the bottom left corner. Actually, I love the whole thing!!!

  5. Karrin, that is absolutely beautiful. Just stunning. I LOVE the colors.


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