Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Little bit of Black

You now in Pat's class someone, maybe Geraldine did a beautiful purse with black. I can't remember but think it was her.  so I was making a purse, a little bigger than our accessory purses and thought oh some black would be a touch.  So here is the purse,  this one I botched up so Annette gets to keep it and use it.  Yea for Annette. 

Hope all are having a great day and those little nimble fingers are sewing like crazy.    

I have my new calendar  of Pat's coming and can't wait to see it and have a perfect inspiration to look at all year. 

I uses the little flowers from Tisha, the butterfly from Geraldine and the bee from me. 

There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today, well it was yesterday that I finished it but close enough.



  1. I love your little purse. I have been wanting to do crazy patch for ages and have all the supplies.. Thanks for you inspiration

  2. Beautiful Annette and I don't see where you messed up, I love the shape and the colors you used. I think it is my favorite by far, yummo! When you get tired of it send it my way, lol
    Hugs and love, xoxo Marilou

  3. I don't see where you botched it but it is beautiful and I love the touch of black.
    Momma bird

  4. Thanks Maggie, get to work you can do it !!!! I bet your supplies have been lonley. xo

  5. Oh will tell you Marilou and dear Pat what I did. First thanks so much for the compliments from you both. xo I remember how pretty and snug our little accesory purses fit up close to the clasp and the hinge well someone, me Annette, forgot to cut the little "flair" on the side of the purse. So it stuck out like a sore thumb, well to me it did. So hubby bent it as much as it would and could do and then I thought I will just keep it. So I got a purse. ox

  6. Sew pretty. Enjoyed my visit to your blog today!

  7. That is a beauty, not botched at all. Yes, I made a black and pink purse (it was a kit from Pat and it had black velvet bits in it). Now you have a very good hubby if he helps with your CQing!
    Geraldine x

  8. Hi, Annette: I LOVE your little purse. The black beads on the bottom rem,ind me of the roaring twenties and the dresses, beads, and little purses they had back then. Linda


Thanks for stopping by and commenting and sharing your work. You know how we love these and makes our hearts happy for the day. xo