Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time for a change

Hi dear ones,  there comes a time in your life when things need to go on and change.  I have chosen to make new stockings for Santa.  In Pat's newest magazine, which I might add she featured her AG students in it, there is patterns that Kathy Shaw graciously gave us.  Her site is here .  What a treat it was to see this when I have been thinking this direction.  So the lady one is almost done but not sure about the guy one.   I don't know if gradson who is now 24 would like such a girly stocking so have to think about this one.   He wouldn't say anything just thanks Nana but will see.  This stocking is almost done, waiting on some Christmas charms and maybe that is it and still have to line it.  So here it is and will post close ups on my other blog

Here you go about 1/3 the size of the old stockings but Santa get at a loss sometimes of what to fill it with.  
Now I also got a pretty shipment from Shannon at Sweet Inspirations  I just had to share these with you.  Isn't that the rule in life to share our new found treasures.  What am I going to do with these, it is a surprise.  
There you go see you later and happy sewing. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. Hi, Annette: I saw that article, too and thought they'd make great Xmas gifts. Unfortunately with everything else I've got to do I might not get to that this year. There's always next year. Love the girly stocking. It's coming out wonderfully. Perhaps for your grandson you should create a cowboy boot. If you use denims or corduroys for the fabrics I bet it would come out wonderful. Just a thought. Chain stitching can be masculine as I'm sure a bunch of other crazy quilting stitches could be. Looking forward to seeing how your girly stocking turns out. Have a great day. Linda

  2. good idea Linda with the denims and cords, Kathy has a patteren for a boot but never thought aobut those fabrics that will work. Yea !!!

  3. Oh my goodness, your crazy quilt Christmas stocking is beautiful! We seem to have the opposite problem here.. the stockings are never quite large enough to hold the things Santa needs to put in them, so they get filled and then things just sort of spill over into a pile nearby. It's not really that Santa brings too much, it's just that the items are a tad too big to fit sometimes. Christmas is my favorite time of year and I'm looking forward to it so much!

    1. I know what you mean ours were giants and still spilled over the floor but times are changing at our home and back to small ones, never thought this would happend but things change. I love the decorating and everything about Christmas. A build up to a wonderful day. xoxo

  4. Oh Annette.. Such a beautiful stocking.I love that you used ~Christmas~ colors..so vibrant. You have reminded me it is time to get going on the holiday projects that I always say I am going to start in July! I always have such great intentions. Keep up the lovely work, Cant wait to see the guy one ;)
    Takecare, Shannon

  5. Annette, that is a great piece of work. Making me feel Christemassy already. Cant wait to see it finished and it will be perfect for little treasures.
    Ger x

  6. This Christmas stockings is so beautiful, Annette. I love all that embellishments. They make it unique and more personalized....Christine

  7. Just stopping in to say HI. The stocking is so pretty and an heirloom in the making. Know what you mean about times changing. My very first grandson just built a new house!

  8. What a beautiful C'mas "shoe"..as it's more than a stocking. The decor of it is gorgeous, so special and unique. Happy weekend my sweet friend.

  9. Hey Annette...

    You're stocking looks fabulous in it's cheery Christmas colours.. and your way ahead of me in the CQing .... I hope to get my magazine soon...I've worn out all my other mags( ha Ha)... HUGS

  10. Annette, I want to share your stocking in the Dec issue if you don't mind????? Pretty please with silk ribbon on top? Kathy would be so pleased to know her pattern is being used. It is gorgeous.


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