Monday, October 15, 2012

Teal and Pink

Hello hello, I just finished a million well it seems like it bookmarks  with CPF (creative pieces of fabric) and then did one to match or go with a bridesmaid purse.  The handle is braided with some ribbon and trim I found at Hobby Lobby.  I thought it would look weddingish, not sure that is a word but here it will be.  

Now Hobby Lobby, besides being a fun place to hang out can be profitable.  I had this little purse with me looking for the trim and a lady stopped me looked at it and said I want one and I want it soon. I told her the price, she looked at it and said sounds good to me.   So off I went prancing like a show horse and paid for my goods I found and went to the car and told Hubby well what I just bought was free.  In my mind it was because what I purchased was a tad of what I will get for the purse. 

I ordered the colors I wanted from Tisha and they are in so another project, oh me what fun, will be in the works.

So here you go, sent to my friend Denise and she said oh put it on the blog so here it is. 

Hope y'all all have a fun and creative day.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my Crazy Quilt world.   Love it that we have so many authors, makes it a fun place to be.



  1. Love the colors Annette, fun to see something new, I'm sure Denise will love it too:) Have a great and creative week!
    Hugs Marilou xoxo

  2. Hi, Annette: Love them. They're adorable. Congrats on the sale. That's fantastic. You may just have to go to Hobby Lobby more often. Have a great day. Linda

  3. Now that's what I call a Sale! Congratulaitons, I can see why she wanted one - you did a beautiful job on the set.

  4. Thanks Nicki Lee, now I am wondering if any of you that do CQ have messed up royaly? I had this new clasp frame from Tisha and "thought" and I mean 'thought" I cut the top right, well goofy me, nope not happening. I cut it to the frame but forgot to add a little to the sides of the purse so the frame fits pretty. Well I have undone the little beads that held it on and now going to JoAnns to see what they have. I will maybe add some magnetic clasp to it and just start all over. Oh well, I hope I am not the only one to goof up. xoxox

  5. Annette...Well you had fun at Hobby Lobby..and got an awesome sale..makes yha feel good doesnt it? ;) you did a lovely job on both pretty! I know the bridesmaids purses will be a hit for you. Once the word is out..look will be one busy lady! Sorry you made a little ~boo boo~ you know that is how we all learn will never make that same mistake again..just a different one? lol. I have had mistakes turn into better than my first plan sometimes..and then just tells me I have had enough for the day and to take a little the time I accidentally made a stocking the wrong way and realized it after I was ready to turn it inside out ;)Stuff happens tho right?
    Best wishes for you on your new creations...Takecare, Shannon

  6. That is awesome news and I am thrilled for you!!!! Yeah Annette! Beautiful CQ as always.
    Hugs and chirps,
    Momma bird :-)


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