Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just checking in

Hi ladies, I have unexpectedly become so busy and miss my stitching. One of my mother in laws rentals came up and we couldn't find a painting crew so I had to do it. For three days I painted boring white walls, then I went to St. Joe and painted my son's apartment, now I am in the process of cleaning, reorganizing my mom's bedroom and we are going for paint today. I'm also getting her a new comforter and stuff which will be a fun surprise. I swear I threw out enough clothes to supply a country. I made her sit and okay what I was donating. So, at least two more days working over there and then I have a quilt show on Saturday and an antique show on Sunday. I'm feeling a bit tired these days but looking forward to picking up a needle again.

I wanted to share these beautiful delicate silk ribbon flowers that Flights of Fancy Boutique is now offering. They remind me of the vintage flowers on the hanky pockets. So pretty and very reasonable.

I am also wrapping up the 2013 CQ calendar soon. So, although I am keeping very busy, just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you all. :-)


  1. Hi Pat, So nice to see you here, I have been thinking of you, I did get some of those lovely flowers and I have been getting the monthly club Treasure box for awhile. Just about ready to pick up my CQ ing again now the weather has cooled off. You are so sweet to your Mother-in -law and Mom they are lucky to have you, what a blessing you are to others. Bigs Hugs and I will be chatting with you soon via email, xoxo Marilou

    1. Oh Marilou, you have beeng etting the Treasure box, I have looked at that but was not sure. I am trying my best not to buy things I might just look at and not use. I use to do that with my scrapbooking. LOL Hugs and see you on the other side of a needle. ox

  2. Hi Pat so glad you are not bored. My goodness your plate is full but I bet your mom's comforter will be such a surprise. Get your energy tpgether so you can enjoy the quilt and antique show. that will be your relaxation time. You are indeed a great daughter and daughter in law my dear. Have fun and will check out the little flowers. xoxo


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