Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lace to play with

I just had to pass on this great deal.  I asked Carole if they had this all the time and she says they do.  Flights of Fancy has this package and for $13 you get a lace package.  Not yards of it but perfect for the CQ.   I tried dying it with food color lie someone suggested and hey that stuff works like a charm.  It was a tad dark so good ole H2O works wonders to lighten it.  I do have Carole's like on the side bar and I think Marilou had some pretties she had gotten from her also.  

A great assortment of pretties to play with.  I did use the little flower and the dragon fly.  Bless his little heart, he has so many beads on him I don't think he could fly or even walk to think of it, but he is strutting his stuff he is so pretty.  
There you go just wanted to pass this on to y'all.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world and my other CQ ers  .

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  1. Nice share Annette, love the laces, since I'm a collector of vintage laces, I didn't get that particular package( I have lots) lol but I did get the pkg of fabric scraps and fancy sequin embellishments. You should try Carole's Trims and Treasures Club, the items you receive are amazing and beautiful. Shelley from Roses gets it too. We are soo-bad, but have soo- much fun with all our "stuff" Hugs, have fun shopping/creating. I'm in the middle of making a flannel scrappy quilt for a gift right now, then onto CQing and other things. xoxo Marilou


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