Monday, October 22, 2012

Mini Boho Bag Xmas decoration

Hi folks,

Thought I'd share one of my latest makes with you.   Its a little mini, mini boho bag exactly the same style as Pat's pattern, the same shape, made the same way with lining, interfacing, all the bits.  Its intended to grace my Christmas tree come December(I make all my own tree decorations). The Santy image is from Magic Moonlight, the heart lace around him is my own make and I have crocheted the handle and made a beaded crochet trim for the outside of the bag. The size?  Approx 6" by 5" including all the edgings. The green trim is from Prima Flowers.  I have 2 more of these little bags in the pipeline..

Close up of bead crochet edging
                                                             Xmas stocking charm
                                                                  Inside of bag
Thanks for looking
Geraldine x


  1. This is adorable! How about sharing it for the Dec issue? Email me if you want to.

  2. Oh Geraldine, you are busy with Santa. This is to cute and the crochet is beautiful also. xoxo Hope all is going well in Ireland and hugs to you. xoxo

  3. Very nice! I love the flowers along the edging.

  4. Geraldine: Love your little Christmas ornaments - what a great idea to minimize the Boho bag. Maybe later you can take a pic of your trimmed tree - we would all love to see it [-
    Thanks for sharing, Denise

  5. Love the bag, Geraldine. LOVE all the decorations. It's so festive and will be wonderful for the holiday season. Hope all is well for you. Linda

  6. Beautiful little ornament! Great idea.

  7. You are really very creative. The mini Boho bag is really cute. How did you make it? And how long did it take you to make it?


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